November 16th, 2007

criminal minds reid eat

i could have lied. i'm such a fool.

Today: wrote 1500 words or so on the secrit projekt, which was fun. But not the 800 word short story I was supposed to write.

Also, wrote 2100 words of nonfiction and cut it back to the contracted 1200. Hopefully, it does not suck. A lot of my qualifying statements and counterexamples got lost in the process, however. Ah well, one cannot waffle one's way through life forever.

I should probably have more than one bowl of brown rice, spinach, and beef; a handful of vitamins; a soy latte; and two glasses of wine today, huh?

Maybe I will do something about that as soon as I post it. And then I will curl up and watch whatever is on the Discovery Channel tonight, which is probably Bear Grylls or Les Stroud, either of whom will be likely to eat something gross and amuse me therewith, and possibly teach me a useful fact about locusts.

Oh, and I'm guest-blogging the Quote of the Week on The Book Swede today.
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news from the trenches

"Leaders from the WGA and the AMPTP have mutually agreed to resume formal negotiations on November 26. No other details or press statements will be issued."

Here's hoping this works out well for my acquaintances who work in TVland.

I wonder if this means CBS has cancelled on the threat to tear down their sets on Tuesday, and also if the internets and the massive fan response had something to do with winning the day. (Not that the day is won yet, exactly. But it's no longer unwon, either.)