November 22nd, 2007

bear by san

"Wait... is David Bowie really god?"

Best episode of the season so far, I think. Very nice work.

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God, I love my show. And in conclusion, I would just like to say, HAH! Absolutely the right backstory, and I don't just say that because I would have totally done the same thing.

Okay, I do. But so what? It's still awesome.

The updated officer-involved-shooting death toll for Criminal Minds:

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muppetology cooking Bork! Bork! Bork!

I think I'm going to have to cop.

Chaz may have replaced Matthew as the character with the most of me in him.

I realize this because I am dancing around the apartment to The Art Of Noise, clearing the decks in the kitchen in prep for making a nine-course dinner for eight in a galley kitchen with eight (8) square feet of counterspace, which is a feat of creative engineering and resource dispersal, not to mention ergonomics, let me tell you, and...

...I realized, he does this every Sunday.

And gets the laundry washed, as well.

Yup. He's me in a boy suit, with the world's most useless superpower.

Sorry, man. We fucked you.

But I'll save you a slice of pie.
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Why do the good girls always want the bad boys?

So I've never gotten the bad boy thing. Mostly, I want to send them to bed without any dinner--both the fictional and the real ones. I like good boys. Nice, earnest ones with a scary intellect and a heart of pure tempered carbon steel.

Those are the boys for me.

So why did it take me until I was 36 to realize that this is because I'm not a good girl?