December 1st, 2007

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charlie freak had just one thing to call his own

Via anghara, who has the BEST internets, and cvillette--

Charlie the Coyote.

Charlie's an orphan coyote who is being raised by Shreve Stockton, a woman who lives in rural Wyoming, and her tabby cat Eli. She's an evocative photographer, and an articulate writer.

There are Charlie calendars and prints here.

There's an eljay feed here: daily_coyote
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as the only person on the internets with an Eric Stoltz icon, I feel constrained to pass this on

via hominysnark:


Poor Eric.

And now, I am off the internets for the day, as there is Work to be Done, and so I will be walking up and down in the world, and then going to see Jethro Tull in Wallingford.

Talk amongst yourselves.