December 16th, 2007

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Promised nor'easter
Seems to peter out early.
Sleet rattles window.


Look, the new issue of Coyote Wild is up (special giant-size issue!) and in addition to my story "The Ladies," it includes stories by Sherwood Smith, Beth Bernobich, Emily M.Z. Carlyle, J.M. McDermott, C.A. Casey, and Maria Deira.
phil ochs troubador

In the future, the folk process happens a heck of a lot faster--

"Written in Canada, tune added in England, and sung in Sacramento before morning."

For those of you who have not been following the unfolding A.S. Byatt novel taking place on my flist: desperance found an old book in his attic, which has a letter inside. Chaz's friends (different Chaz! What are the odds of knowing two?) some of whom are crack amateur or professional historians, turned up the biography of a very young man, one Henry Ellis Hoad, who was killed in action in WWI and was memorialized on the Menin Gate at Ypres. 

This confluence of events inspired the multi-talented papersky to write a song and carandol to write a tune.

He then recorded it.

Go listen.

I bring you the future.

It sounds like folk music.
lion in winter dead

no one will sell you what you need. can't buy it off the shelf. you got to grow it from the seed.

~2:00 AM:

Cat: Monkey?
Monkey: zzzzzz
Cat: Monkey?
Monkey: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Cat: MonKEY!
Monkey: Huh? Whut?
Cat: *jumps on bed*
Monkey: *scritches cat*
Cat: Monkey, I'm COLD.
Monkey: *holds up edge of blankets*
Cat: *inspects under blankets, purring, but does not enter the nice warm cave*
Monkey: Getting cold here, cat.
Cat: *inspects more*
Monkey: *lowers blankets*
Cat: Hey! *claws at edge of blankets*
Monkey: Oh, for Pete's sake. *holds up edge of blankets*
Cat: *inspects under blankets, purring, but does not enter the nice warm cave*
Monkey: Getting cold here, cat.
Cat: *inspects more*
Monkey: *lowers blankets*
Cat: Hey! *claws at edge of blankets*
Monkey: *grabs cat, pulls under blankets*
Cat: Ack! Thhpt! Death! Murder! Killers! Murder! Fire! Ack!
Cat: *escapes*
Monkey: Suit yourself.
Cat: *claws at edge of blankets*

(~eight hours elapse)

Cat: Eeek!
Monkey: ?
Monkey: Sit on the chair by me, in the blanket.
Cat: EEEEK! eek, eek, EEK!
Monkey: I am sorry it is winter and the apartment is drafty. Really, I am. But that's how it is, O Cat.
Cat: ...
Cat: eeek?
Monkey: Cat, I am at the limit of my ability to help. Either you want my body heat, or you don't.
Cat: *sigh*
Monkey: *eyeroll*
Cat: *settles down on monkey's lap, purring.*
Monkey: Now is probably not the time to tell you that I need to go get another cup of coffee, is it?

spies mfu geekier than the average spy

pause for station identification...

If you are in the mood for this sort of thing, here are some places you can vote for/against or talk about some of my stuff:

RoF Discussion board for "Hobnoblin Blues".

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My head hurts. And I'm thirsty. I think I need a lot of water and some supper.
bear by san

December meme

January 2007:
Here's the January issue of Clarkesworld Magazine, which contains my odd little dragon story, "Orm the Beautiful."

February 2007:
Fiction, fiction everywhere.

March 2007:
No Fear of The Future does Six Degrees of Sherlock Holmes.

April 2007:
The poltergeist just flushed the toilet. I'm going to bed.

May 2007:
No chance of celebrating in the traditional fashion, I fear, but at least my dwelling-place is as clean as it ever gets.

June 2007
Apparently, cleaning out and reorganizing my icons is high on my list of things to do when I can't sleep.

July 2007:
Robert Tilendis at Green Man Review provides an extremely positive review of Whiskey & Water, which of course spoilers the hell out of Blood & Iron, but that's pretty much my own fault.

August 2007:
What do we mean when we say category fiction?

September 2007:
DUDE! tim_pratt WON A HUGO!

October 2007:
If you ever wondered why Elvis Aron Presley is a big fckin' deal....

November 2007:
although the interesting thing, I guess--is that last night we got to see what Criminal Minds would be like if it actually were the police procedural its detractors proclaim it....

December 2007:
Via anghara, who has the BEST internets, and cvillette--

Charlie the Coyote.