December 21st, 2007

lion in winter broken because you're bri

i believe it only rained 'round here these thirty years

Gotta remember to go buy cream and coffee today.

Festive solstice, all.

Yes, I am actually working this morning. 44o words so far, though it's slow going. 

So here, have some footage of sloths. (It was research, honest!):

Awesome video of a three-toed sloth in Dallas.

More sloths.

Now I totally want a sloth to come live with me. Is that awesome or what?

Baaaaaaby sloth!

Slothful sloth.

Swimming sloth, with human interference.

Slightly more responsible stranded sloth assistance.

Here's a harpy eagle taking a sloth. Poor sloth! Impressive eagle. 

rengeek will and tilda

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1700 words on Bone & Jewel Creatures this morning/early afternoon, for a total of 6631 words. Man, that took longer than expected. And I have no idea how many homophone typos made it past the censor. I'll have to go back and look later, because I know the ones I was catching were coming thick and fast.

They found the plot, though, which is a good thing to have happen. And tomorrow, I get to write the feral child rummaging in the attic, and then either tomorrow or Sunday, Bijou and Brazen having a Very Serious Conversation About The Raising Of Feral Children.

But I'm done for the day, and can do some of this other stuff I need to do.
bear by san

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Book Report #84: Toni Morrison, Playing in the Dark

I'm pretty sure I read this in college, but college was a long long time ago.

It's an excellent book, a compilation of three critical essays dealing with the ways in which white American writers have historically dealt (or attempted not to deal) with the issue of race, and the final essay--explicating Hemingway, among other things--is alone worth the price of admission.
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