December 27th, 2007

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The cat and I are sharing the heating pad. Which is to say, it's draped over the back of my work chair, and she's sitting on the draped part that is not under my shoulders, purring like a Wookiee in a state of ecstacy. (This is one of those cats who gets vocalizations into her purr, little croons and mrrts.)

She approves of this thing that makes an artificial electric lap.

Really, she wants me to get up and feed her breakfast, but we're trying to get our wordcount this morning, so the cat remains unwaxed. Besides, I kind of like the attention.

Thanks to everybody who answered my martial arts question. Great fodder for thought and research there, and I feel a bit more well-grounded now.
writing genocide

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1508 words on Bone & Jewel Creatures this morning, for a total of 16,364.

tyop du jour: bedsteak
mean things: hysterical zombie raven
jury-rigging: Argh. I cannot liken this to a question mark, as this culture does not have question marks.

And now, stuff to do.