December 30th, 2007

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2,156 words to a total of 20,421 on Bone & Jewel Creatures, and 150 words to a total of 635 on "Your Collar" today. That's like progress. Still gunning for someplace between 25,000 and 30,000 on the novella, I think. Are we there yet?

How about now?

Words, words, words....
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If you keep saying that you mean to write a novel in 2008, it appears that there's a new round of novel_in_90 starting up January 1st. What is Nin90?

Here's the not-FAQ.

It's grown into a pretty excellent community of people with one guiding purpose: to write three goddamned pages a day, every day, any way they can.

I'm going to be playing along. I have a novella to finish, and two short stories, a second novella, and a novel to write. By Tax Day, more or less.

And unlike jaylake, I don't routinely write four thousand words a day. *g* grind, grind, grind.
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Right. Any questions?

This is a post for you all to ask questions/make comments about Dust, since I have been terribly remiss in my duties in terms of putting one up before.

Bad author! No biscuit!

So, what do you want to ask? Or know? Or comment on?

(You should probably expect comments to be, you know, spoilery.)
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751 words on Bone & Jewel Creatures today, bringing it to 21,172.

And considering I drove over two hundred miles today, and I'm coming down with a cold, I am happy to get it.

Going to bed now.