December 31st, 2007

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a little rest and then the world is full of work to do

1176 words on Bone & Jewel Creatures this morning, to a total of 22,348. I have a transition scene to go and write, and the climactic space battle/zombie apocalypse, and I do not feel like writing either. It seems, at this point, like an unrelenting grind of work, and I would rather be doing anything else than working on this story. That's frustrating, because usually by this point I have hit the running-downhill part, and it gets easy again.

Writing was easier when I just did it, instinctively. However, I was a lot worse at it then. Now it's all balance and consciousness and art and craftsmanship, and it takes total focus and concentration. And I have been way too busy with other stuff lately, and unable to devote the kind of time and solitude that makes the writing happen easier. Even four hours in the car yesterday don't seem to have helped, which is frustrating, because usually driving is a great time to figure out what's going on in a book.

And then once the draft is complete, there is only the revision. And I'm having a bad case of oh, but it's not as pretty as I wanted it to be right now. Also, I ache a lot, and my throat hurts.

But I am determined. Oh, so determined. And so, I am going to go buy a bottle of wine for tonight, because I have decided that my cold and I are staying home and hanging out on the internets rather than going to parties. And then I am going to come home and clean my filthy pigsty and listen to music for a while, and then I am going to see if this story would rather be written in longhand, because for some reason (maybe that pens are nice to hold) stories written in longhand are often less boring and terrible than stories that are typed.

No, I have no idea why that is.

Tomorrow, I need to do laundry. But tonight, I am finishing this goddamned book. (which is a novella, not a novel. But it's still a book.)

And now for something completely different:

Cthulhu, the Movie.

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Today's near-homophone tyop: "study" for "steady." I swear, what this reveals about how my brain stores language is amusing.

I have one scene left. There are six hours and 35 minutes left in 2007.

By then, I can finish this novella.
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post scriptum: discipline

So, that's a sort of a draft done. Whereby, when I say draft, I mean steaming heap of crap with bits of worms and ends of things poking out. But it's done enough that I won't lose anything by putting it away while I work on this other stuff that has tighter deadlines. Or, you know, about as done as "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," was when I declared that a draft. It is a Bad Draft. I would not show it to an editor, or even another writer who was not a close personal friend and already well-acquainted with how I work.

Which means that tomorrow, I start work on the two short stories I need to write, "Your Collar" and "Smile." And when those are done, I have a novella and a novel, both due. I'm not yet sure what order I mean to tackle those in--I may go after the novel first, just to get it done, because novellas are a lot less scary.

My watchword for the first half 2008 is discipline. I need to average a thousand words a day, and fifteen hundred would be better. And that has to have wiggle room built into it for CEMs, page proofs, and having a life. Though there may need to be some flexibility on the life front, though, it looks like.

After that, I can probably fall over. A little. Though there's still One-Eyed Jack & the Suicide King and By the Mountain Bound and The Sea thy Mistress to revise. And I am sure Chill will need revising too, once it's done.

Well, if it were easy, it would not be fun. Right?
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