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half an ass is better than none

Tea today: Upton's Duflating estate Assam

Teacup today: Green stoneware, even though I wanted my comforting squid again.

TBRE made breakfast. And thank dog....

2011 04 23 daily commute

...Because here's what I have to do today:

Ideomancer slush
Viable Paradise slush
customs forms
a slushkill meeting

post officea
100 pages of CEM

Here's what I want to do:

Read Daniel Silva
watch Mythbusters

moar tea, pls?

However, nisi_la did send me this beautiful photo from the PKD Awards last night (The book cover is pretty nice too, even if it does look like Tristen may be cruising her a bit), at which I was a bridesmaid again.

Congrats to Mark Hodder, whose The Strange Affair of Springheel Jack is kicking ass all over the place, and Harmony by Project Itoh, respectively the winner and runner-up.
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