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Lobbed a couple of turnips today: some of the chickens are coming home to roost, and I have a fastest-possible-turnaround policy on my short stories. Both shorts I like, thankfully, so there was no long moment of agonizing over whether I should be trunking rather than envelope-stuffing.

I got something wonderful from mrissa in the mail today. Thank you! Yum!

Work's going to be hell for the next couple of days: half the staff took the week off, so guess who gets to pinch-hit for everybody?

Post-novel ennui from Stratford Man seems to be fading fast. I have printouts of Hammered and Scardown ready for editing/rewriting: I'll probably start poking at Scardown over the weekend: I expect I will be bored enough by then. I'm also getting antsy to gut and retrofit Bridge of Blood and Iron, but it will just have to wait its turn.

Gosh, I'm sleepy.
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