January 1st, 2008

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So have you seen the privilege meme that's going around?

I looked at it, and I was amused by how much privilege it assumes.

Such as that one knows both of one's parents. And that they're together. And that they finished high school. And that one was not responsible for helping pay the bills as a teenager. And that one had a home. And got enough to eat. And attended college, whether or not one paid for it one's self.


If I were writing it, it would have things like, "Did you receive regular dental care and vaccinations as a child?" on it.
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1941 words on the secrit projekt today. Of course, I meant to be writing the minotaur story, but he's sulking. And words are words, and these are words that needed to be written.

Still, I may try to go work on that as soon as I make myself some dinner.

No rest for the wicked.