February 1st, 2008

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how I spent my February vacation:

I have here before me the CEM for Hell & Earth. Which is due February 11. So that is what I will be doing this weekend.

An excuse not to write!

I'm back to ignoring Chill, in the hope that it will start sniffing around after me eventually, soliciting play and grooming.

In other news, some of you probably already know that I was a member of the Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy for many years, and pretty much cut my teeth there as a professional writer. Many of my novels were workshopped there--all the Jenny books, Blood & Iron, the two forthcoming Promethean Age novels, all the Edda of Burdens books (some in multiple incarnations.) And it's also where I met the balance of the writers who form my community yea even unto today: Charles Coleman Finlay, Leah Bobet, Karin Lowachee, Joshua Palmatier, Ruth Netvold, Dena Landon, Ian Tregillis, Sarah Prineas, Hannah Wolf Bowen, Celia Marsh, The Bad Poets (Looks at list on the OWW front page--Melissa Marr got a three book contract? All right, Melissa!)

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because the OWW is having a membership drive/crit contest in February, and I'd like to suggest that if you were looking for an online crit group, this one worked for me. (The thing that really made it work for me was doing unholy numbers of critiques, by the way, if you want a a bit of strategic advice.)

Joshua Palmatier is administering the crit contest. He says:

Basically, people join the workshop (if they aren't already members), post stuff, and crit stuff, just like normal.  The person who gives the best critiques is the winner of the contest.  The contest rules are at my webpage:


He also goes onto note that there are contest categories for new members and existing members, so you are competing in grade, as it were. The prize, I believe, is a year's membership, and possibly some other goodies.

Me, I note that the workshop offers a free trial membership of one month. So this is a risk-free proposition.

Yes, it is a business. Yes, it does charge a membership fee. The fee is pretty reasonable, as such things go, and it goes to things like paying for the salaries of the people who run the workshop and the person who runs the mailing list. (our own leahbobet, if you wondered.)
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This aligns nicely with my politics, but that's not the reason why I'm linking it.

The reason why I'm linking it is because Jay has done a very cool thing here--the trick of making the point of view and the narrative structure support the theme of the story. It's a trick I used in "The Chains That You Refuse,*" and I love it very, very much when it's done well.

Without further ado:

"Passive Voices," by Jay Lake.

In unrelated news, Green Man Review asked me for a list of what I've been listening to in 2007, and so I gave them one. Excelsior!

*Which I have sneakily just posted to my website so I could link it here.
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You know what? I may feel like I was a lazy slacker today (because as we all know, my guilt gorilla is a 900-pounder) but I actually wrote 930 words of Shadow Unit content, which maybe means I should cut myself some slack on that front.

Even if I did not get anything done on the CEM. And even if I have decided that I am ignoring all the long prose things I need to be writing until such time as I feel like I can work on them without triggering suicidal ideations. Which means Chill and Wehrwolf, currently.

But they're just not ripe yet, and trying to write them green is not going to get me any magic. It may get me a hernia. Or a wallow through the slough of despond.

So instead, I am going to read this book I am meant to be critting. And get back to some of this other stuff later.