February 8th, 2008


i have seen the spectre. he has been here too.

I have been such a productive Bear this morning. I answered a huge pile of lurking email, found, organized, and printed out the chapter head ornaments for All the Windwracked Stars to send to the production manager, paid bills (I love that my bank deducts the credit card payment from my checking account immediately, but waits between 24 and 72 hours to apply it to the credit card balance. Gotta make a few pennies on the float. (Somehow, I am reminded of Richard Pryor in Superman N and his half-pennies.) Although they are kind enough to retroactively credit me for the missing days. So it's just like they're borrowing the days. And the interest.

I feel like I should get a kickback for the short-term loan.

I still need to shower and eat something and read some slush, and then I am curling up with the start of S2 of The Wire and seeing what happens.

And I have a plan re: Chill. The plan is, I get the rest of February off, except for administrative work and research and all that stuff. And yes, I do have to sit down and make myself read Dust again, as much as it hurts my heart to do it. And in March, I am walling myself up in my tower and writing the book. I will come out for exercise and food and occasional internets, and other than that, there will be noveling. And we will see how much of the damned thing I can get done in 31 days. I have four hours of driving to do on Sunday, and four hours of driving to do on Monday, and driving is good thinking/plotting time for me. (We're going out ot Logee's Monday, a field trip I'm really looking forward to.)

I am restless, and would really like to be working again, which is a good sign. (I kind of feel like I am wasting my life when I'm not actually producing fiction. Because really, it's what I'm good for.)

There's an inch of snow on the ground, and it's supposed to be intermittently spitty through the beginning of next week, but nothing serious.

Mort Castle has an excellent post up at Storytellers Unplugged today. One that made me nod, and reassess what I think I'm doing with my art.

In other news, I've been made aware of what looks like a really excellent site on trekking Kilimanjaro, which I note here for your interest, and so I can find it later.

Noted without comment: And according to Michael Eisner, a deal is in the works to end the WGA strike.