March 13th, 2008

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you'd know it if you'd seen his stuff. the man just isn't big enough.

Progress notes for 13 March 2008

I'd comment on the blog/don't blog kerfuffle, but I'm too busy blogging writing.

I am finding that while I used to be able to write, check LJ, hang out in a chatroom, and keep abreast of my email and a message board or two, these days writing takes up enough of my concentration that I have to close down email and so on to manage it at all.

My writer's group chatroom still seems to be okay, though--but that's usually full of people writing.

I'm getting more focused and worse at multitasking. Perhaps a function of writing harder things. Perhaps merely a function of my aging brain.


New words: 1467
Total words: 20477
Deadline: April 15
Mammalian assistance: I have been shed upon
Reason for stopping: going to meet ashacat at the gym. And then, archery.

Fifth of a book! Fifth of a book!

Jury-rigging: Yeah, I'm gonna have to fix that later. Screw it. Onward through the fog!

Other writing-related work: Revised "King Pole" last night
Exercise: Climbing yesterday. Figured out that what's aggravating my tennis elbow is the belaying. So I am gonna have to learn to belay left-handed. Fortunately, I'm moderately ambidextrous.
Miles to Lothlorien: 251.4
Guitar practice: Not yet, but I am gonna try to remember to bring it.
Mail: nomail

Today's words Word don't know:  electrostasis, unchewed, rememberings, sensorium, counterweighting, backslope, biosystem,
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: shiitake
Sustenance: coffee, cereal, eggplant, bread, baaaaaaaaaaaacon.
Mean Things: psychic fragmentation
spies mfu get plastered

she smelled like 2 am

One of my better nights ever at the archery range. In the last three months, after years of being stuck at about the same level, something has jarred loose, and my stance has stabilized, and the arrows are much, much more likely to go where I was pointing them. I think some of it might be the improved core and shoulder strength from climbing.

But I had two perfect seven-flight ends at 20 yards*--my first and my last--and that's never happened before, and it made me happy.

*perfect by my lame-ass standards, which is to say they were all in the yellows of a three-spot, though I only made 50% on the inner circle.
writing gorey vast reluctance

welcome to your life.

Gah. My muscle aches have muscle aches. I meant to write tonight, but instead what I am doing is writing myself Earbrassian editing notes:

Make this nonsense all make sense. Have this scene in the kitchen instead?

...and so on.

Isn't this book finished yet?

What the hell is the next scene about, anyway?
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