March 21st, 2008

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john, i've been bad and they're coming after me.

Five things twice make two posts... or one long eclectic one.

1) Profound and heartfelt thanks to everybody who offered opinions on my Quest for a New Laptop. I'm still not sure what I'm going to wind up with; I suspect I need to go down to a computer store and bang on keyboards a little. I even contemplate trying out a Mac for longer than fifteen minutes, on the theory that that might be long enough to get over my visceral revulsion for the interface, though how I'd manage that I'm not sure.

2) Thanks for the congratulations on the prematurely released Hugo nomination.The complete list of Hugo and Campbell award nominees is here.  Congratulations to scalzi, autopope, scott_lynch, casacorona (**points! MY EDITOR! MINE!), pnh, ianmcdonald, ellen_datlow, maryrobinette... and whole bunches and bunches of people who are not on livejournal.

The Campbell Tiara (yet another opportunity to look like a demented elf prince!) may be viewed here.

"Tideline," my nominated story, may be read here. And I'm guessing Asimov's is likely to put it up on the web too, and I will link it if they do.

3) Latest Criminal Minds fandom kerfuffle over leaked information from an upcoming issue of EW: my personal inclination is that the most entertaining possibility is the one where nobody on the team knows who the Daddy is, and they have to wait for the DNA test to come back...

Oh, wait. That's As the World Turns. ;-)

4) Livejournal boycott:

I'm not participating (obviously), and I won't be packing up for InsaneJournal any time soon--for a number of reasons.

One is because well, LJ hasn't actually done anything in contravention of their terms of service, and the revelation that this company is run by grasping money-hungry capitalists who disrespect their user base makes it exactly like every other company in the world. Corporations have no conscience. They are inherently sociopathic.

Two is because I have a permanent account, which means that not only is LJ not making any more money off me (except indirectly, by way of people coming to LJ to read this journal (God knows why you'ddo that) and thus encountering their ads), I don't have to look at their damned advertising.

Three is because, well, I have looked at InsaneJournal. Which site is exceedingly advertising-cluttered.

5) It's spring!


1) I might make 40K on the book today. Please God, let me make 40K on the book today. If I didn't have two conventions between now and then, I might actually be able to finish the dratted thing by April 21. Since I have I-Con and Penguicon to contend with, it's looking likely to be May. And then I have a novelette and a novella I have to write on exceedingly short notice.

Also in here somewhere, page proofs on Hell & Earth and All the Windwracked Stars. And finishing up "Ballistic" with the team, and doing the really real final draft of "Overkill."

So, in other words, Deathmarch continues until further notice. Or, as coffeeem and I have taken to saying to each other lately, "I'll think about that in June."

And then I get to fall down. And take a break until I have recovered enough to work on the edits on By the Mountain Bound and start plotting out Grail. Oh, and revise One-Eyed Jack & the Suicide King, if Roc decides they want to buy Promethean Age #s 5 and 6.

2) Am I signing up for programming at WisCon? I dunno. I have to decide this weekend. And figure out what my schedule for driving to I-Con is.

3) Today I have to go to the grocery store, cancel my old gym membership, call a DMV, and call somebody else I've forgotten I'm supposed to call, but I have it written down.

4) And then write eight pages. Or preferably a little more, as tomorrow is a busy day, and I suspect there will be minimal wordcount. Maybe I should buy some beer while I am at the grocery store. I should definitely buy some more naproxen.

5) But first, I have to shower for my massage therapy appointment. Because nobody likes a smelly patient.
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Crise d’écriture en progres.

Ne dérangez pas l’auteur.

Elle ne répondra pas aux questions, aux plaisanteries, aux invitations aux orgies, aux recitations des manifestes socalistes, ou à d’autres interruptions imbeciles.

Merci de votre aimable cooperation.

thank you to panjianlien for the text.


It's not you. It's the BOOK.
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when you were raising your right hand whatever defenses you had planned

[14:46] matociquala: we forgive the Christians many trespasses for the annual influx of jelly beans
[14:46] matociquala: especially the licorice ones
[14:47] leahbobet: We forgive them for the paid day off right in the heart of essay-deadline season.  *g*
[14:47] matociquala: Hee
[14:48] matociquala: Good Friday isn't a formal holiday in the US
[14:48] leahbobet: It's a stat here.  Everything closes.
[14:48] matociquala: *nod*
[14:48] leahbobet: Alas, the Monday is optional and they're making me go to school.
[14:48] matociquala: Alas.
[14:48] matociquala: other people's holidays are nice
[14:49] matociquala: You get a day off without obligations
[14:51] leahbobet: Yes.
[14:51] leahbobet: Although the closing the grocery stores is less fun.
[14:51] matociquala: yes
[14:52] matociquala: mostly grocery stores do not close here
[14:52] matociquala: Or just in the afternoons on major holidays
[14:52] matociquala: because we are a soulless capitalist society that worships only convenience and the greenback dollar.
[14:52] matociquala: But we do get mail on Saturdays.
writing dust bible 'house of dust"

the times have been our teachers and they teach an iron rule.

Progress notes for 21 March 2008


New words: 2165
Microsoft wordcount: 34008
Manuscript wordcount: 40250
Deadline: May 1
Mammalian assistance: Cat doing the vulture pose on my chairback.
Reason for stopping: Quota, and if I don't go do the Shadow Unit stuff I need to do, the web ghul is going to dine on my intestines.

Darling du jour: There was nothing in all the world so implacable as a tree.
Tyop du jour: just one tiny beat swelling along the myriad stems of the world
Jury-rigging: Still More Thrilling Scenery.
There's always one more quirk in the character:  And tonight, for your entertainment, Tristen will internalize about PTSD and daddy issues. You know, writing is easier when I remember that I am, in fact, allowed to narrate, and that words are not a camera.

Today's words Word don't know:  vasty, symbiotes (not to be confused with symbionts!),
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: cincture
Sustenance: cooooooooooffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. grilled ham and cheese.
Mean Things: PTSD. Daddy issues.
Other writing-related work: Yeah, gotta do a heapload of SU scutwork tonight, and maybe if I am lucky, there will be a draft of an episode in my inbox tonight.

Exercise: hah!
Miles to Lothlorien: 248.2
Guitar practice: none.
Mail: well, there was that Hugo nomination...
The Internet is Full of Things:  But I had no time to go looking for any....