March 24th, 2008

can't sleep books will eat me

there will always be a faster gun, but there'll never be another one like you.

Gragh. Was in bed by 11 last night, due to Uncontrollable Sleepy. Got up at 6:45 this morning, after successfully arguing with the cat for 45 more minutes of rack--and could have used more, honestly. Where is this sleepy coming from?

Anyway, I got a bunch of what I think is pretty good work done on "Ballistic" this morning. Though I'm starting work up a real good case of deadline frets over it, most of what's left to do isn't mine, and what is mine has to wait until we have a nearly-complete complete draft, so giving myself heart palpitations over it not being finished is not doing me any favors. (It's not that anybody else is falling down on the job, I hasten to add. It's that I come over all German about deadlines, and want things done a month before they're due. So, yeah, I'm also fretting painfully about Chill, because I would in an ideal world have liked to have a draft by now. And then there are these two other projects, the Sebastien and Abby novella and the New Secrit Projekt novelette, which are also weighing on my mind.)

And the Hell & Earth and All the Windwracked Stars page proofs haven't arrived yet, so there's a certain air of waiting for the shoe to drop.

However, comma, what with one thing and another, I think I have the decks cleared through I-Con, except for a couple of obligatory evening engagements, so maybe we can get some writing done.

Except for the part where I really, really don't feel like working any more today, and the cat and this sunbeam are conniving to convince me that what I would really rather do is nap.

Ah well. There's what we want, and then there's what they pay us to do.

And right now, what they pay me to do is to write eight pages a day of this b%#k. So graciously or ingraciously, it's got to be done.

And then I can play guitar and go climbing, afterwards.
can't sleep books will eat me

where no roads are marked and a black dog is barking

It amuses the heck out of me, how much it annoys me when I can detect my own auctorial voice heavily present in a sentence or a paragraph. And then I want to go back and edit until I can get the tics and characteristic phrasings out.

Hello, Bear? Developing an identifiable style is part of what this is all about. Just, you know, try not to turn into Heinlein.
spies mfu illya all wet

you know the blow's been softened since the world is our coffin

Progress notes for 24 March 2008

[12:17] stillsostrange: *escapes the sloth*
[12:17] stillsostrange: *watches it hog the covers*
[12:18] matociquala: I have sloth too
[12:18] matociquala: perhaps this scene needs a sloth
[12:22] matociquala: (Benedick suffers from anhedonia)
[12:22] matociquala: (But the sloth cheered him up)
[12:22] matociquala: (It's hard not to be cheerful when you see a sloth.)
[12:49] stillsostrange: there, unslothed
[12:50] matociquala: My sloth is extreme, and my whole body aches.
[12:50] matociquala: Perhaps I should stay home from climbing tonight
[12:50] stillsostrange: EXXXtreme Sloth!
[12:50] matociquala: It's chrome-plated
[12:50] matociquala: and has pinstripes.
[12:50] matociquala: go faster stripes on a sloth.
[12:50] matociquala: now THERE is irony.
[12:52] tanaise: Does it have a spoiler?

Shadow Unit:

New Words: ~400
Things Chaz and/or Hafidha ate, considered eating, or refused to eat: nothing, which may shortly become problematic


New words: 2032
Microsoft wordcount: 40200
Manuscript wordcount: 47250
Deadline: May 1
Mammalian assistance: Dogs and cats, living together....
Reason for stopping: bored. Oh, look. It's the middle of the book. I can tell, because I am bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored. Also, I hit my quota. I might try to write a little more tonight, after climbing. Tomorrow I have no plans, so I might go for a real hardcore day and see if I can hit 50K. That blessed 200-page-mark is almost within sight.

Darling du jour: But it was hard not to cheer up when you saw a sloth.
Tyop du jour: Benedick booked his knees over a thick bent limb
Jury-rigging: Shockingly, that went about as I anticipated.
There's always one more quirk in the character:  Hey! it's hard not to smile when you see a sloth!

Today's words Word don't know:  mirthlessness, anhedonia, deus, suckery, mushed
Words I'm Surprised Word Do Know: muciliaginous, microenvironment
Sustenance: a ham and cheese sandwich, tea, fruit.
Mean Things: mirthlessness. anhedonia. cyberleeches, as promised. man-eating plants. more giant arthropods.
Other writing-related work: none

Exercise: none
Miles to Lothlorien: 245.2
Guitar practice: Fear me, for I am learning "Yellow Submarine." On the theory that I should know at least one song in which nobody dies.
Mail: nomail
The Internet is Full of Things:  But they all make me crabby.