March 28th, 2008

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i slipped out of my room into the rain, and i went running for my health

Last night, ashacat and I went to the venerable and redoubtable Eastern Mountain Sports, a local New England outdoor sports equipment Emporium--notable for employing a dedicated and knowledgeable assortment of ski bums, climbing bums, hiking bums, kayaking bums, etc.--to buy her shoes and harness.

Meanwhile, I've been making noises for a while about cancelling my gym membership (BORING) and taking up running again, in the full knowledge that this will be a process full of misery and despair.

See, I used to be a runner. I was never a very competitive runner, because I don't have the build for speed, but I loved trail running, and I was adequate at middle distances. (If I were a football player, I would probably make a pretty good halfback, let's put it that way. Good Eastern European stock: "When ox die, harness wife to plow.")

I suck at jogging, mind you. I'm not good enough at pacing myself to jog. I like to run.

I had a lot of joint problems in high school and college, and while I could still manage endurance sports like racewalking and hiking (at least until the bout with mono), my knees and hips wouldn't take the impact of running. (It turned out not to be lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or half a dozen other things, and eventually I walked out with a diagnosis of juvenile onset osteoarthritis, a naproxen prescription, and a cane. These days, they'd probably call it fibromyalgia. However, since it went into spontaneous remission in my twenties after a heavy course of antibiotics for a lung infection, I now harbor suspicions that what I had was chronic Lyme disease. Anyway, that's all backstory.)

Well, EMS is in the throes of their winter clearance, and what with one thing and another, while the ashacat was trying on climbing shoes, I walked out with the pair of North Face trail runners that were marked down almost into my price range, and two pairs of Smartwool running socks. (I also got two pairs of hiking socks, because dammit, there will be hiking this summer.)

These are very silly shoes. The innovative lacing system is, well, a winch. And a bunch of very fine cables run through the body of the shoe, all of which tighten when you twist the little wheel on the heel. Silly, yes.

But wow, do they fit. And I think the socks weigh more.

So this morning, I did something I haven't done in twenty years. I got up, put on my workout pants and the sort of scary-ass sports bra a DD-girl needs for running in, put on my socks and shoes, grabbed a t-shirt, put my hair in a ponytail, and went for a two-mile run in the rain.

It wasn't an unbroken two mile run, mind you--I've been hitting the treadmill and the ski machine at the gym, but that's not a thing like actually getting out and running over slate sidewalks in the early morning mist. But I managed six intervals (I didn't time--I just ran until my chest and arches hurt too much, and then I stopped and walked until I could run again. Got to the halfway point, stopped for five minutes of stretching and begging to die, and turned around and came back.

Two miles in twenty-five minutes, not counting the five minutes of stretching. Not a great time, by any means, but a beginning. And I have a 5.2-mile route mapped out for Eventually. (It's my walking route when I am going for a walk to go for a walk, not as an adjunct to errands downtown, so I know it well.)

So I ran this morning in the rain, through the old part of town with the ancient trees and the slate sidewalks. And I'm already looking out the window at the rain, wishing I were back out there.

Tomorrow, I may see if I can do it again.

240.7 miles to Lothlorien

And now I need to go take a shower, start some laundry, and get to work on this book I'm supposedly writing.

I think she was a middle distance runner.
The translation wasn't clear.
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Today is Blog Against Torture day

Well, duh.

Okay, let me unpack that a little.

As a torture survivor (and if you don't think child abuse is a form of torture, come here. I'd like to show you a few things.) I am here to tell you that torture works just fine--if what you are after is to get the person you are torturing to tell you whatever the hell they think you want to hear to make the hurting stop.

If you actually want to know something useful, not so much.

Also, it's an evil act.

Remember evil? We used to have evil.

We were against it.
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My brain....

Our Heroine: Okay, Brain! It's time to write a novel!
Our Heroine's Brain: You have got to be kidding me.
OH: Nope! Let's get cracking! Deadline is looming!
OHB: You realize my last day off was March 9th?
OH: The deadline waits for no brain!
OHB: You realize that I have written an average of 2,194.176 words a day for you every day since March 9th?
OH: So? There's still one hundred eighty pages of book we need to write. And today is that scene in Engineering, where you get to introduce what's-her-name.
OHB: So, I have needs, you stupid selfish neocortex. And besides, you can't make me. I'm on strike.
OH: Just one little sentence?
OHB: Not on your life. Wheedling won't work. I'm taking the day off. This is not negotiable.
OH: ...
OHB: We are, you know, on schedule. Even a little ahead.
OH: ...
OHB: And you are a scary obsessive personality who needs to lighten up.
OH: You're only just noticing that now? Besides, most of that is your fault.
OHB: Besides, you have to run errands this afternoon. And then you have a dinner date. So as soon as you got started you would have to quit and go do something else.
OH: ...well, I guess we could do laundry. We really need to do laundry.
OHB: See? You have been working on the novel so much that you don't even have clean socks. Also, you need to go to the post office and the bank.
OH: Well...
OHB: Yes?
OH: ...what if we take the day off, and try again after dinner?
OHB: ...I'll think about it.
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224 words

Is what the world gets from me tonight.

And it had better be happy to get it, too.

At least I know what the next scene does now, and what happens in it, which I did not know previously. This is good because I can now write it.
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