May 13th, 2008

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i am the eggplant. i am the LOLRUS. Koo koo katchew.

The hideousness of the death toll in Myanmar and China currently just boggles me. It is horrific and terrifying, and I'm sort of at a loss for words about the whole thing. Not that there's anything I can say about it, other than--if you have a few extra dollars, it wouldn't be a bad week to chip in to Doctors Without Borders.

and in the department of things-that-are-shatteringly-trivial-by-comparison, but-life-must-go-on:

Another bad climbing night yesterday. I managed two 5.7s I'd done before (One of them is overhung and I spend the whole damned time dogging on the rope, but I get there.), but my left big toe has been giving me trouble, and the damned thing started to hurt so badly after two routes that I bailed on the third one about ten feet up. Also, the left shoulder is not giving me the love, and my ankle is a little sore, I think from favoring the toe.

Blah. I really want to go for a run this morning, as it's still cool and pretty out there. But the smart thing is to stay home and give my foot and ankle a break. Blah!

I think I need to step up project less-of-me, because it would not hurt my joints to get an extra forty or sixty pounds off them before I expect them to manage this stuff I'm throwing at them. There's some sort of delicate balance between exercise, joint pain, serotonin reuptake, caloric intake, and how much owie I can reasonably expect my body to absorb with in the process of trying to keep it healthy that I need to strike here.

Hmm. I wonder how stupid it really would be, to go for a run. Screw it, we'll give it a try, and if it hurts too much, we'll stop.
writing genocide

come out fighting with your rattle in hand. thrust and parry.

[11:42] matociquala: I like this sentence:
[11:42] matociquala: "Sebastien. Tell me you didn't know any Vikings in the ninth century."
[11:42] matociquala: Abby Irene FTW.
[11:42] jmeadows: hee
[11:42] leahbobet: hee
[11:42] matociquala: She's 88 years old and not taking his vampire nonsense any more.
[11:42] matociquala: By god.

All right. 2026 words on Seven for a Secret yesterday, and 2254 today. If I can keep producing like this, I will have a manuscript sooner rather than later, as it stands at 10,250 words manuscript count, which is a little more than a third of the contracted length.

And I think I figured out the Master Plan today, which makes me happy.

Her love is like a candle. You light it up at night.
Her heart is like a pack of cards. One chance at guessing right.
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