May 14th, 2008

criminal minds boom

i walk where the bottles break and the blacktop still comes back for more

I've been awake since four AM, because the house across the street is burning down. (ETA: the reporter and the refugees are on my front lawn in that live shot.)

Actually, at this point, I have to say, the house across the street was burning down, as the good offices of the West Hartford Fire Department have arrested this development in progress. (This is, yes, what I pay my taxes for.) And it doesn't appear, from the vantage of my front windows, that anyone was injured. However, it was pretty darn spectacular for a bit there, with flames through the third story and firefighters scrambling around chainsawing holes in the roof of a hundred-year-old three-family.

This is the house with the extremely annoying and loud deterrent system, which tends to announce BURGLARY! BURGLARY! BURGLARY! in stentorian tones every time a cat crosses the yard. Which is why I missed the first five minutes of fun, because I thought it was just the usual late-night loudness. But then I heard the sirens--we're just around the corner from the fire department--and realized I should probably get up and put my pants on and close the windows.

And comfort the cat, who does not like chainsaws.

And now I am trying to decide whether it would be more productive to go for a walk, go back to bed, or try to get some work done, since it appears the apocalypse has been averted for the time being. I think coffee, a hot shower, and work are winning, because while I am still sleepy I'm not actually all that tired, and the sun is coming up, and I think it would annoy the nice firefighters less if I didn't traipse through where they are trying to work today.

Also, there's that toe I'm supposed to be going easy on. And the cat says her feet are cold, and can I please sit down so she can put them on me?

As a reminder, if anybody in the Midwest wants to come see me, I will be at WisCon the weekend after this one coming up, and I will be the Guest of Honor at Duckon (Chicago) and Fourth Street Fantasy (Minneapolis) in the middle weeks of June. I am moved to mention this because Fourth Street has just moved their pre-reg deadline back to May 31. truepenny will be my date for both cons, so you can rely on the full magnificence of the Mole And Bear Show in all its questionable glory.

Fourth Street is looking suspiciously as though it will be an unofficial Shadow Unit convention, as the whole crew except stillsostrange will be there, and WisCon will have me, truepenny, and stillsostrange. (But no coffeeem or shetterly.)

Someday we will all be in the same place at the same time, and there may be a singularity.
spies avengers steed and peel needed

stop your crying. let it burn.

167.4 miles to Lothlorien. I have turned back from Redhorn Pass, and it's looking more and more like I'm going to have to pass through Moria. Here in Connecticut, wisteria are blooming, and lilacs are headed to their peak. Spring is rapidly becoming summer.

I did go out for a two mile walk this morning (in deference to my sore toe, I walked only.)

And now it is a little after 11, and I have written 501 words and fed myself a ploughman's lunch (bread, cheese, onions, olives, pickles, oranges, some cold leftover pork) and made some rooibos to see me through until it's time to go to the climbing gym. (I do not know how much I will be climbing, but I will at least drive down, show up, and put in some effort. I may stick to the slab, in deference to all the ways I m old and sore. But hey, I can belay.)

And now I am thinking about what this next 500 words needs to accomplish, other than Sebastien wangsting about how old he is. At least he is--unlike many angsty vampires--old enough to have earned some angst.

The cat is very fascinated by the busy monkeys working to clear out the burned house across the street.

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writing headbang

thou shalt not shake it like a polaroid picture.

1525 words on Seven for a Secret today, which gets me just over 10K Word count, or 11750 SMF. Pretty good for a day when I woke up with no idea what the next scene would be. I was going to stop after 1300, but realized that I could break 10K with just a little more work, so I pushed on into the next scene and wound up finishing it. (Short scene, yes.)

Same-sex couples make pronouns complicated. This may be the secret reason behind much heteronormativity.