May 29th, 2008

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there's no such thing as an original sin.

140.4 miles to Lothlorien. I have just been attacked by Wargs. Oh noes!

It's thematically appropriate, because I have finished the revisions on By the Mountain Bound (aka Edda of Burdens #2), and delivered them to Beth-my-editor.

Poor gothy wolf boy. He just cannot catch a break.

He gets some good sentences, though. I like this one: I hear myself laughing like a stranger in a darkened room.

I am so excited about this trilogy I'm pretty much bouncing in my chair. Speaking of another set of books I've been working on since time immemorial. I think the oldest Muire stories date from 1993 or so? And there's just so much about them I love. Cold wastes and wolves and Norse mythology twisted around like a snake gnawing its own tail and love and betrayal and the undulating borderland between the earth and sea.

I had also forgotten just how bitchy this book is about the Aesir, and I'm really enjoying being reminded. Yes, I am a total Vanir partisan. Odin and his cronies were imperialist bastards.

One more to go, just one more. *bounces*

I can barely wait until you guys can read these things.

Now, since it looks like there will be no archery tonight, I am on deathmarch until Sunday. I want to finish Seven for a Secret, which I will be getting back to work on tonight, after I drink this here celebratory Dogfish Head IPA and practice guitar. And when that is done, I have an introduction to write for greygirlbeast's Coming Thing, and after that two columns, one for Subterranean and one for Storytellers Unplugged.

Oh, and Sol is agitating for a vignette, but he's going to have to give me some actual content for it before I write it.

After that, the only onus on the summer is "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood," which I am still stalling on, and, er... Chill. Yep. Looming there, wanting to be written. Guess I know what I'm doing in July and August, ya.

I am the Grey Wolf. My bindings are not lightly parted.
wicked fairy bowie

am i right? am i wrong? or am i just dreaming?

I just found out that Dust is assigned homework for this year's Readercon. Along with several other very fine novels.

Yes, I'm stalling on working on SFAS. What was your first clue? ;-)

And, as many of you know, Part 3 of Refining Fire goes live at 8 pm my time tonight, which is 7 pm CDT. You still have time to read the first two parts--and probably several of the previous episodes of Shadow Unit, if you happen to be not-caught-up--before it goes live.
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