May 31st, 2008

rengeek the puppet (poisoninjest)

i'm the baby's cry that isn't. i am the distant relative....

Russell Letson liked Dust. Go team Russell!

Now I must shower and dress and feed this cat (who brought me a glitterball last night; I guess all is forgiven?) and start working on Seven for a Secret  until the farmer's market opens at (the civilized hour of) 9, because I need to buy lettuce. Lettuce should be in, don't you think? I want good BLTs for dinner tonight, you see, and I made bread yesterday.

And then, I come home and deathmarch again. I got about 1200 words yesterday and about 1000 the day before, which is pretty good both days considering how much erranding and catwaxing and necessary maintenance (Oh, my god, this kitchen is gross!) were a part of both days.

Today and tomorrow are all about the deathmarch. I am within striking distance of the end, and I want to finish this thing.

And I know perfectly well that I'm not going to get a lick of work done after 8 pm tonight, when the final part of Refining Fire goes live, because I will be having way too much fun watching the reactions. Yes, for those of you who have gamed with me, I am wearing my evil GM grin right now.

God, I love my job.

I'm the darkness in your daughter
I'm the spot beneath the skin
I'm the scarlet on the pavement
I am the broken heart within

I won't take a train to nowhere
I will not touch just anyone
Ask a stranger why I'm waiting
In the chamber of a gun

John Gorka - Raven in the Storm
rengeek kit icarus

The perils of ahistorical fiction....

Poll #1196967 a world without Christopher Wren...

While attempting to describe the medieval St Paul's Cathedral....

...look at period sketches and fudge.
25(10.9%) the accounts of the 1878 excavation and fudge.
...pretend it's just Canterbury Cathedral with a taller (lightning-struck!) spire, and fudge.
...all of the above.
...just make up a medieval cathedral. Who's gonna notice?
...fudge-covered ticky.

So I just deleted a page and a half of notes I'd used, dropping my wordcount for today 200 words. *sad.*
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rengeek player king

i am an orphan, on god's highway--

Refining Fire, Part 5, is live.

The final installment of the final episode of the very first season of Shadow Unit is live.

Thank you to coffeeem, willshetterly, truepenny, stillsostrange, and netcurmudgeon for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. And thank all of you for reading, encouraging, and playing along.

In other news, the first tropical storm of the Atlantic season is a day early, and his name is Arthur. And this is the best LOLsloth evar. And leahbobet has posted her version of my Upper Respiratory Death Drops cold tea recipe. (My version is in comments. It really works.)

And megmccarron links an awesome Tom Waits interview.
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