June 2nd, 2008

bear by san

warblogging the apocalypse

Or at least, the climactic space battle. 779 words on Seven for a Secret since 7 am this morning. Nothing like a three-page discourse on the architecture of medieval cathedrals to build word count.

I will try to hit a thousand, and then break for a shower and some breakfast and some tea or maybe coffee that was not left over in the vacuum carafe from last night.

And then it is back to the coal mine. The book dies today.

Watch this space for further updates.
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We continue the warblogging of this deathmarch--

--to bring you a weirdly appropriate synchronicity.

I just checked my wordcount, which stands at 21,777 MS Word-count. (around 26,250 manuscript.)

The last paragraph I typed was... For the glory of God, of a certainty. But when confronted with a cathedral, the wampyr found himself always marveling at the ingenuity and will of tiny, fragile men, to so overcome the laws of God's creation.

Sebastien likes cathedrals. He will tell you about them at great and exhausting length.

I think he's trying to stall me.
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warblogging the deathmarch, part 3

I have made and consumed brunch (an extraordinarily unhealthy repast consisting of steak and eggs, sourdough bread, cheddar cheese, coffee, nd sliced tomatoes) and brought myself to a whopping 1682 words. Strangely, this is going quite smoothly. All the pieces are in place for the earth-shattering kaboom, and I am pausing to imagine the scene before I get down to fisticuffs.

I wonder if this cathedral has electric lights or gaslamps, at this juncture. Also, I bet it's been retrofitted with an organ... or four.

This calls for more coffee.
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writing gorey earbrass unspeakable horro

you ever notice that draft and daft are only one letter apart?

Word knows "clerestory," but not "thaumaturgical" (it suggests "dramaturgical," much to my delight), "caul," "querulousness," "ancientry," "knacker," "Percherons," "planished," "intromitted," "reconsecrated," and "triforium."

I have made the executive decision to blow off climbing tonight and finish this fucking book. I am in fact not going to bed until I have a crappy first draft of this book. (It's a book, but it's not a novel. It's a novella. I know, tricky, isn't it?) Missing climbing makes me sad and annoyed, but it's what I get for not getting more work done this weekend/morning.

And there is always Wednesday.

Self-discipline sucks.
writing gorey earbrass conscious but ver

a dragon lives forever, but not so little boys

3312 words today, and the (very bad) draft of Seven for a Secret is done, done, done. It's surfacy and flawed and arbitrary. But it's finished, and I can fix all that stuff later. It's 115 pages long, exactly as it should be.

So. happy. To. Be. Done.

Sebastien claims he just does the heroics for the monkeys. The monkeys get so invested in such transitory things.

I guess I get to climb tonight after all.


And no more (&^%(*& new fiction to write until after 4th Street. Woo!
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i got your letter today in the mail....

O Hai.

The IRS tells me that I can expect $600.00 in blood money to forgive the Republican Party for the war in Iraq.

I have a strong temptation to donate every penny to Amnesty International.

I guess we'll see how broke I am come mid-July.
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writing whiskey wicked faerie

she had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes. i knew without asking she was into the blues.

Strange Horizons is starting their summer fund drive. Go! Support free professional online fiction, supported by guilt! Throw money!

As part of the Summer of The Promethean Age Extravaganza (brought to you by Roc books, in cooperation with, well, me), the mass market paperback of Blood & Iron (probably already available in a brick & mortar store near you) officially ships tomorrow--for the inexpensive mass-market paperback price of $7.99. It's also available at Mysterious Galaxy and Amazon, along with all the other usual suspect. Of course, I encourage you to patronize an independent bookseller near you, if you happen to have one tucked in a corner somewhere.

In other news making today excellent, I just heard from my fabulous Tor editor casacorona, and she is accepting my revisions of By the Mountain Bound, which means the book is delivered, I get paid, and I don't have to touch it again until the CEM comes home to roost sometime in 2009. *\o/*

And we're edging up on fabulousity, because my publication schedule between now and October is insane. For the rest of the year:

Blood & Iron reprint mmpb: June 3 ($7.99)
Ink & Steel original trade paperback: July 1 ($14.00)
A Companion to Wolves reprint mmpb: July 29 ($6.99) (with truepenny, of course. Also, she and I have a short story in the VanderMeer's forthcoming Fast Ships, Black Sails anthology)
Hell & Earth original trade paperback: August 5 ($14.00)
All the Windwracked Stars original trade hardcover: October 28 ($24.95)

And of course, the original mmpb of Dust ($6.99), the reprint trade paperback of New Amsterdam ($14.95), and the entire first season of Shadow Unit (A quarter of a million words of fiction!) (absolutely free but for the large guilt-riddling eyes of starving writers!) are already available. As is the Ellen Datlow edited Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Yanno? That's a pretty awesome year, that is. I strongly suspect I will never have one quite that insane (at least for new material) again. Especially since I had to save up material for a long time to pull that off. *g*

So it doesn't matter that I kind of sucked at climbing tonight (three days of solid typing are not the best way to prepare for anything demanding grip strength). Because the world is bright and wonderful. And my fiction schedule for the next two years now looks like this....

Finish and revise Chill
Revise Seven for a Secret
Finish "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood."
Finish two Shadow Unit episodes for season two, tentatively titled "Wind-Up Boogeyman" and "Smoke & Mirrors."
If Roc buys Promethean Age 5 & 6, revise One-Eyed Jack & the Suicide King

Write Grail
Rewrite The Sea thy Mistress (Edda of Burdens #3) which is basically writing a whole new book, because it was the second novel I ever finished, and, er. Yeah. Like that. Not so much leaving the house in that dress, missy.
Write some Shadow Unit for season three.

I may try to write PA 6 in 2009 as well, maybe. I may have to, but I'm going to see if I can get a longer spread between book in that series now, because while there may be people who can write three books a year indefinitely, I suspect I am not one of them.

....out of contract all over the place. Oh noes! Starvation looming! Better sell some foreign rights, or hope I have a brilliant idea about something... or that somebody keeps buying those PA books. 0.0