July 9th, 2008

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If you don't want anybody to know you're a racist, maybe you shouldn't say racist things.

Toby essentially says everything that I've been thinking about the current fuss over yet another bile-o-gram from the editor of Helix, this one sent in a "professional" capacityWhen you have behaved in a contemptible fashion, it's beyond contemptible and into pathetic to claim that nobody should have called you on it. 

Also, just as a point of order? The question of the right to reprint the contents of letters, especially for purposes of comment or criticism, is an open one. The moral of the story? Don't say it if you don't want it heard.

Really, this kind of nonsense makes me embarrassed for my genre. Which is why I feel the need to comment on this issue, rather than shunning it, the way I tend to shun everything related to Mr. Sanders.

Because I feel it's important to make it plain that not everybody in the SFF community is willing to suffer hearing this kind of blatant racism in silence.
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Noticeable progress!

Well, after losing Wednesday and Monday's climbing, more or less, to menstrual incompetence (I don't get cranky and I don't get bad cramps, but I do lose 50% of my pain tolerance and upper body strength, and forget stamina, courage, and coordination. /TMI), I kind of kicked ass tonight. Only four walls, but I sailed up a long 5.6 which I've always had to pause on before, and kind of kicked ass on two 5.7s which I have in tha past struggled with. The other was a 5.5 which has a tricky bit I will someday get past without wiping out on. I like that climb; it's a 5.5, but it's a fun 5.5, not a boring straightaway.

In short, I did better on everything than I have before, and also, really good endorphins.

This improves the fact that I apparently have inflamed tendons in my left arm, and am on NSAIDs and icepacks until further notice.

Yay, icepacks.