July 31st, 2008

rengeek kit faustus commodorified

metal heart, you're not hiding

Well, alas, I stank on ice climbing this week, and last night brought with it a lovely bout of insomnia, so I didn't exactly get up to go for a run this morning. I think, given my general air of physical ineptitude for the past few days, that I will take next week off from climbing--easy to justify, as my climbing partners are at a caving event most of the week--and just try to run and do archery and yoga. And yeah, crazy funhouse world in which running and yoga count as giving the meatpuppet a break, but I remember this from my kickboxing days: there's exercise and there's exercise.

And I was 29 then, and my yoga instructor back in those days was an 80-pound triathlete.

If I'm having plummetty mood problems, I reseve the right to go boulder a bit and see if that helps, but otherwise, the meatpuppet can take this opportunity to work on fixing the tendons in its left elbow, right? Which reminds me, time for More Ice.

Also, a break might help the toenail I knocked off finish growing back without growing into the toe, because you know? Running and climbing, both hard on the toenails. Though I don't want to lose the progress I've made, either running or climbing. Three miles, here I come. Also, I'm nearly to Lothlorien, which is a bit of encouragement all in its own.

I'd claim today as a Day Off Work, except I plan to do Administrative Stuff (hopefully those envelopes will show up today) and do some reading for truepenny. Also, I want to look at a poem I started on Sunday, one involving the ears of horses, because apparently after a hiatus of approximately ten years, I am a poet again. How weird is that? I suspect my brain needed those muscles for learning to write narrative in the meantime, and it's only now giving them back.

We're modifying our PLoM efforts, the meatpuppet and me, to include some calorie restriction, and preliminary results are that, although we're feeling a bit sharp-set, the current diet seems sustainable as long as the farmer's market produce and tinned soup holds out. (And you know, we get a couple of meals a week where we can eat anything we want. Also, at my size and build and level of activity, calorie restriction is somewhere between 1500-2200 calories a day, depending on where in the cycle we are, so we're not exactly talking starvation diet.) Come on, meatpuppet. Every pound of stored energy you burn is a pound you do not have to haul up those sodding overhangs! Think how nice that will feel! P.S., eat your soybeans, they're good for you.