August 2nd, 2008

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if i don't die by thursday i'll be roaring friday night

So I wonder if the malaise and ineffectualness I've been complaining of has anything to do with the fact that I woke up this morning with the inside of my mouth scraped raw and my sinuses packed with cement.


Hello, virus. Unless you are some bizarre and unheralded allergy....
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grog want *tea*, dammit.

via BoingBoing:

"At the Science Fiction Message Board we are gearing up for one of the busiest times of our year - our fourth annual Author August! Each Author August we celebrate a different sf writer every day, with reviews, reminiscences, cover scans, and general comments. This is a post-a-thon open to all who wish to contribute, anything you wish to post about the author of the day, we want to have! And boy, have we got a strong roster of authors past and present for you this year:

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i'm burning diesel, burning dinosaur bones

Signs my brain is offline: I spent an hour this morning cleaning up my lj tags. Never fear--I didn't remove any redundancy or quirkiness. Just some misspellings that had crept in, probably when I was blogging at two AM. And how many ways can you spell "wingeing," anyway?

I got about a third of the books mailed this morning, because that was all I could haul into the post office on one trip. The next batch goes out Monday and then the overseas stuff on Tuesday, if I can keep to plan.

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BLT salad for lunch today, I think.

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Last night's work was page proofs for Seven for a Secret. Still gotta figure out "The Tricks of London," which needs to be written in the not too distant future. Also I have some audio recording stuff to do.

Speaking of audio recording stuff...

Now available from Infinivox, a 3 CD collection of unabridged readings of Mini-Masterpieces of Science Fiction:

'Last Contact' by Stephen Baxter
'The Something-Dreaming Game' by Elizabeth Bear
'Grandma' by Carol Emshwiller
'Lambing Season' by Molly Gloss
'None So Blind' by Joe Haldeman
'Kin' by Bruce McAllister
'Gene Wars' by Paul J McAuley
'Bright Red Star' by Bud Sparhawk
'Far As You Can Go' by Greg van Eekhout
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link salad: your reading assignments for tonight

1) Franz Kafka's pr0n

2) Warren Ellis on the seemingly moribund SFF print magazine marketplace.

2.5) John Klima asks who's reading short fiction, anyway? (I have a theory. I think SFF short fiction is turning into a club scene, hothouse, by writers for writers. I think it serves an important purpose as that club scene. But I'm not sure how many non-writer readers it attracts anymore. This is the film festival stuff.)

3) Lis Riba on feminist perspectives on Mamma Mia! and the Female Gaze.

4) Emma Bull on Scenic (and stubborn) Horses.

5) My Clarkesworld story "Orm the Beautiful" is nominated for a WSFA Small Press Award, along with stories by Jeff VanderMeer, Erik Amundsen, Tom Doyle, John Kratman, and Ken Pick and Alan Loewen. "The winner is chosen by the members of the Washington Science Fiction Association ( and will be presented at their annual convention, Capclave (, held this year on October 17-19 in Rockville, Maryland. "
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once that you've decided on a killing, first you make a stone of your heart

As some of you know, we're releasing Shadow Unit under a Creative Commons license allowing for not-for-profit redistribution.

Well, one of the fans (arachnejericho) has taken us at our word, and bootlegged Season 1 for the Kindle or other Mobipocket-enabled reader.

That's right. There is now an unofficial ebook edition of Shadow Unit, season 1. So if you were putting off reading it until you could get it on your Kindle, you've just run out of excuses.