August 6th, 2008

froud magician

there are birds out on the sidewalk and a valet at the door.

No, I don't have room for any more orchids. Well, okay, I could find a place. But! I also don't really need to spend twenty bucks on a houseplant right now.

But still. Want.

(Dude. It's a vanilla orchid. cvillette would die of envy.)

In othe news, because it's pouring down rain, the last batch of books will go to the post office either tomorrow or Friday. Sorry about the delay, but fulfillment is imminent!

Right. Yesterday was a day of boring housework. The bedroom's still a disaster, but the rest of the apartment is more or less livable. And since I'm not going out again today, and apparently the creative brain is still kicked back on a beach in Maui--well, okay, it's been giving me fragments of stuff, but not yet a plot for "The Tricks of London," which is what I currently need from it--I am declaring today a day of administration and paperwork and reading and stuff.

Oh, and I need to write my Storyteller's Unplugged column today. Maybe I'll plug my book.

52.5 miles to Lothlorien.