August 8th, 2008

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49.5 miles to Lothlorien. I actually ran the whole three miles this morning--easier when it's overcast and 64 degrees, I tell you. Oh, I cannot wait until autumn.

Today's other assigned tasks are getting to the post office and UPS, and practicing guitar. And doing laundry before the laundry-monster reforms, like something out of Alan Moore, and wants to know what I think I'm doing to the planetary ecology.
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Virtual Hugo Losers Party

Tomorrow night, I plan to have my very own Hugo Losers party here on the internets. It will take place right in this very comment thread, and you're all invited.

Especially if you're also (a) not at Denvention and (b) nominated. After all, it wouldn't be a bittercon without a Hugo Losers party!

Unfortunately, it will be BYOB. And BYOS.

Doors open at 7:30 PM Mountain Time (that's 9:30 PM for those of you on the East Coast.) Party runs until somebody goes off the balcony, or hotel livejournal security comes to shut us down.

It's a glamorous life.

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