August 14th, 2008

sf doctor who meant to be?

and now some happy little mountains....

Two people on my lj reading list mentioned Bob Ross today. It's obviously up to me to make it three.

I had a good writing day today, with 2621 words on "Wind-Up Boogeyman," in about five and a half hours of writing time, bringing me to a grand total of 11,650 words. (I got a late start this morning due to incompetence) And I only have eight scenes left to write, if my outline can be believed. (Outlines are notorious liars.) I seem to be averaging about two scenes a day, so if I am lucky, I might have this done by Sunday. In a few moments, I need to leave for Thursday Nite Archery Nite; when I come home I will be doing some editorial stuffs. No rest for the self-employed. *g*

It's not up yet, of course, but this is your reminder that there will be new Shadow Unit content tonight sometime around 6 pm central time, in the usual place.

I read a lot about decomposition today. Also, I did math. Make it worth my while. Go, read, comment!
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Hrumph. Where'd this shipment of crabby come from? I want a return address.

Okay. There was no archery tonight after all, which is just as well, because my neck is not happy about the move I was stuck on on that 5.7+ yesterday. But the meatpuppet gets to go in for maintenance tomorrow, which should fix that problem.

Anyway, I wound up having dinner with ashacat and netcurmudgeon and offspring. There was massive carbohydrate abuse, with a meatball. And German chocolate cake for dessert. And then I came home and started working on SU stuff again, because of course, there's Sunday's content to get ready. And also of course, after saying that I only have eight more scenes to write, in the car I thought of two more scenes I need to add earlier on. La. Good thing this isn't a performance art.

So I guess I'll start those now.
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