August 22nd, 2008


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Okay, so I have had to do a hard thing, and trim my lj reading list by something over 200 people. Because it was at max capacity, and so was I.

This is in no way a reflection on the many fine blogs I've had to cut, and I rather imagine that I will be dropping by several of them occasionally to visit, but essentially my criteria for the reading list wound up being:

Do I know you in person?
Are you a professional colleague?
Are you a friend of my childhood?
Have we ever had sex?

Is the answer to at least two of these questions was yes, I kept the blog in the daily blogroll. *g*

ETA: Also, I have removed almost everybody who either posts nothing but tweets or posts in all caps, because dudes. My eyes.

The problem with the trimming, of course, is that as one is doing it, one finds all the other blogs one SHOULD be reading.

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I just looked at my log sheet.

In the 22 days of August so far, a month where I have been feeling as if I were "accomplishing nothing," I have written ~27,000 words of fiction.

I may be too hard on myself when it comes to productivity.

Yes, I have this revelation about four times a year.

Whatcha gonna do?
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I've come to some conclusions about my professional habits, and how they need to change....

...and I've realized that the single biggest thing kicking my ass is trying to write stories for themed anthologies. I find it incredibly hard to do, and it exhausts me creatively for long periods afterwards.

Of course, the fix is easy. Which is (after the current round of work is done) to cowboy up and stop accepting the invitations unless I already have an appropriate story in inventory. Yes, I'm a Yankee. Yes, I find it physically painful to turn down work. But it often takes me somewhere on the order of years to build a good short story in my head (I just work ona lot of them in parallel), and trying to write a specific short story to a tighter deadline is not something my brain is particularly good at.

In fact, I think in general I will no longer be writing short fiction (short stories and novellas) except on spec, which is to say, I will write the stories when I have them, and when I do not yet have them, I will not sign contracts to write them. Because an inordinate amount of the stress in my life these past two years has been short fiction deadlines, and that's just got to stop. I can get enough stress out of novel deadlines, and that without even really trying.

(caveat 1: I do reserve the right to waive this policy in certain cases, mind you. But I find myself in a situation right now where I am promised to write several short stories by year's end and I have no idea how any of them go.)

(caveat 2: This rule does not apply to Shadow Unit. I have no plans to leave that project. Ever. *g*)

And having decided that, I feel obscurely better, despite the little voice in my head telling me I am a lazy slacker and surely I will starve, and also I'm letting down my friends.

2009 will be the first year of the new regime, in which we here at Ebear Central attempt to remember that we are no longer scrambling to break into print and establish a presence in the marketplace, and instead rest on our laurels concentrate on fulfilling our obligations, satisfying our readers, finding new readers, and doing it all with some modicum of professionalism, reliability, and attention to quality of craftsmanship and artistry of detail.

And also, not making ourselves stark raving bonkers in the process.

Which brings us to Collapse )

And now I am going to eat some breakfast, drink some tea, do some math, and open up Bone & Jewel Creatures and poke at it until it asks me to stop poking--or until it is time to go climb, one of the two.
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one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do

Hey, look at that! It's the return of the Math Icon.

Okay, I am quite pleased with my brain.

I had taken a fairly long break from my math studies while trying to do everything else I've been trying to do, and was worried I would have forgotten everything in the intervening six months or so. But if anything, my brain seems to have integrated what I was struggling to learn last winter (I did say it had been quite a long hiatus, but hey, I'm doing this for fun, and the thing about lifetime learner projects is that they are, well, intended to stretch out over a lifetime.)

So I cracked open the books this morning and picked right up again with proportion and variation, including word problems, without any trouble at all.

Which means I have just the self-test on this, and then a review chapter with word problems (still made of hate) to do, and it's on to trigonometry. In fact, the book is staring at me from the bookcase across the living room as we speak.

In celebration, I think I will eat something that isn't carrot sticks.

Yes, I am spamming livejournal today.
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don't the trees look like crucified thieves?

My meatpuppet is such a coward.

We tried to go climbing outside at Cathole Pass today. Or, more precisely, I tried. Alisa and The Jeff succeeded.

Me? Well, I tried two 5.6s. I was too much of a sissy to even get on the first one--okay, I'm too hard on myself: I got on it. The second move? Not so much.

The second one, I got maybe forty feet up and hit a bit of an overlap and a smooth patch and was like, game over, dood.

Yeah, I suck.

I hate climbing outside. Hate. Cold sweats, full-body tremors, clinical panic reaction.


I made 3/4 of a 5.6 though, before I got too scared to keep going.

Yes, I suck.

I have the sudden urge to lock myself in my apartment for a week and slam Farscape.