August 25th, 2008


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On the other paw, I got to meet a chinchilla and a hedgehog on Saturday night. And that does make up for a lot of the universe failing to materialize rainbows and hosannas and carpets of flowers for me to walk upon.

Chinchillas put their tiny warm paws that feel like feathers on your face and sniff you all over with tickly whiskers. Hedgehogs feel like holding an animate ball of pins in your hand.

I approve.
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evile overbear

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You know, there are only two scenes left in this damned novella.

You would think I'd be able to write them.

But noooo.

Well, tomorrow, maybe. I really want to finish this thing.
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i wanna know right now.


So we went to the more-bouldery gym today because our regular gym is closed for renovation.

Gah. I will never complain about the upper body work at Prime Climb again. :-P I'm sorry, but one should not have to smear three feet from foothold to foothold up an alleged 5.4 on vertical from one good handhold.

I finished a 5.6 (which was a really fun/tricky climb requiring a heck of a lot of pauses to rest, because of above-mentioned need for brute force) and tried another 5.6, which I finally gave up and cheated on because I wanted the exercise of topping out. I also di a 5.4 and found I had to cheat to finish another one, because I'm sorry. If it's got four-foot gaps between the holds, I don't care how good the holds are. It's not really a 5.4.

There was an extremely cute and very helpful shirtless bouldering boy with bleached and punked out hair and 1.7% body fat, though, which makes up for a lot.

I think I'll drink a lot of tea now.