September 2nd, 2008

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Questions, part IIIII:

What's your unified theory of Emily Prentiss?

or 23 days until more Criminal Minds, are you excited? :)

I'm totally geeked, of course. And very much hoping to get some more Prentiss backstory this year, yes. I don't have anything as concrete as a theory, really, but I have several hypotheses, all of which I am prepared to see proven wrong.

Eee! *bounces*

Now it's 22 days. *g*

What sorts of things have you been faunching after lately? And no, of course I'm not asking because you've got a birthday coming up, don't be silly. (Gives stern glare. Really really stern. Seriously.)

Hmm. Most of my faunching currently is given to things like, oh, a yard where I can have a dog; a place to live that my books and cookware will fit into; some nice fat subsidiary rights deals to PAY for the yard where I can have the dog and the place to live that my books and cookware will fit into; and a decent relationship with somebody who is willing to put up with me (though God knows why anyone would).

Alas, none of these appear to be currently forthcoming, nor even lurking thoughtfully on the horizon. 

But I do have new sheets! And a fluffy comforter!

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