September 4th, 2008


"But there's no blood! It's just lymph!"

So when I got the news about Signy, I was coming back from the climbing gym--our first visit since they closed last week to repaint and re-route the entire front room.

They've made a very nice space, with warm red climbing walls that look like parts of the Southwest where I used to live. [cvillette, you'd like it. Looks like the Valley of Fire.) Only a very few routes are up--I tried three, but could only manage one of them (I got two moves up another and needed one more damned foothold, and then got stuck two moves from the top of the final one and thrashed there for twenty minutes or so before I took pity on my belayer [this is a lie; what really happened is that I scralped several layers of callus off my fingers and then burned out my forearms to the point where I couldn't hold on any more, and dammit, it's not a strength issue, it's a technique issue, and that pisses me off] and asked to be dirted.) and none of them are rated yet, so there's a lot of just random adventuring going on. Which is kind of cool. Because you look at a route and think, "Maybe I could do that."

...and then you try and find out, well, er, Maybe no.

Me: "But there's no blood! It's just lymph!"
Alisa: "Hardcore."

She makes me laugh.

Next time, dammit.

Also, there's a couple of other routes I want to try, though I think at least one of them is way too hard for me.
spies mfu glower flowers

you've never been a waste of my time.

[12:03] tanaise: Aw. A newt used to be an ewt.
[12:03] tanaise: I want an ewt!
[12:03] matociquala: and an adder used to be a nadder.
[12:03] matociquala: poor ewts and nadders.
[12:04] tanaise: I don't care about nadders or naperons or numpires.
[12:04] tanaise: but ewtes and eke names
[12:04] tanaise: that's just sad.
[12:05] matociquala: (I am so blogging this)

[12:16] matociquala: *turns tanaise into an ewte*

Yeah well, I went through the existing parts of this story and tidied them up, adding ~213 words in the process (Lo, I underwrite my drafts) and now I am staring at the scene I am meant to be writing, and even though I know what happens in it, I am completely stuck as to how to write it.

I guess that means I should eat some more jelly beans.

Come on, Todd. You love having POV. Say something scene-stealing.