September 15th, 2008

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kids in hawaii know about mickey mouse.

And how often do you get to use these two tags together?

I finally got to sit down and watch Obama's Letterman appearance this morning (I'd heard sound bites) and I've gotta say...

...if dude doesn't win, he's got a great future in late night television. Dude is funny.

"Technically--she would be the lipstick."

"It's Disneyland, man!"

Interesting, despite the general hysteria about the polls, that traditionally Republican New Hampshire is tending kind of purple this year. Also, I wonder how effective traditional polling is going to be, in an election where so many people who are very motivated to vote don't have land lines, either out of financial necessity or because they're my age or a bit younger and can't be arsed to pay for outdated C20th technology. (When I called up to cancel my land line, the AT&T rep I talked to sounded absolutely hysterical with customer-retention desire, and was feeding me scare stories. "But what if you need to call 911?")
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i have two legs and you have two, and christ loves both of us alike--i hope.


Scene: Bear is driving home along the Hartford/West Hartford line, though pretty much urban wasteland of strip malls and highway interchanges. About a mile from home, movement catches her eye.

Stream of consciousness:

hey that's a big bird wonder if it's a vulture weird to see a vulture in the city see it again when it comes out from behind the trees hey that's not a vulture huh the tail looks dirty white too big for a hawk hey the head is white too HOLY SHIT THERE'S A BALD EAGLE CIRCLING OVER THE PROSPECT STREET ON RAMP TO I-84!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


...thank you, Rachel Carson, where-ever you are.
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Link Salad (links collected from various open tabs, and I did not keep track of where I got them: apologies):

Sleep among the tetrapods. (With bonus slumbering elephants)

shadowhelm has 15 techniques for good writing habits.

The Eccleston/Izzard/Jacobi version of Middleton's Revenger's Tragedy. Craaaaaaaaaaaaack. (Although I had to watch it with subtitles on, because dude, Christopher, swallow the dialogue much?

Planet possibly imaged around a sunlike star.

David Foster Wallace, as most of you already know, is dead, the victim of an apparent suicide. A great sadness, of course, though I wonder if to him it came as a relief. His brilliance will be missed.

I'm starting to get itchy to be at work again, which is sort of nice. I hope it holds out after VP.

And that it brings some ideas with it fairly soon.