September 27th, 2008

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So we're stranded on Martha's Vineyard with a nor'easter in town and Tropical Storm Kyle coming to visit. And a Cape Air Cessna apparently crashed tonight (one fatality), so there may be no flights for a bit. The ferry ride on Sunday may be entertaining.

There are times when one is very aware that one is in fact on a tiny spit of sand in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
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Well, I'm sure by now everybody's seen The Buffybot exploding on Katie Couric (And Katie, looking rather like a stunned mullet in her reaction shots--or maybe like a spliced-in Saturday Night Live regular). And I'm also reasonably sure we've all seen David Letterman and Keith Olbermann taking Sen. McCain apart by inches. "The road to the white house runs right through me." That is not all that much of an exaggeration.

Man, he's Letterman. There are people you do not fuck with.

In local news, we have a lull before the storm. Still too soon to tell which way Kyle is tracking or if it will make hurricane status, but we're sitting tight and enjoying mist and a break in the weather.

And local Connecticut boy, actor and philanthropist Paul Newman has died at the age of 83. Bye, Butch. We'll miss you.
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There's an interesting--if maybe a little thin--Ron Rosenbaum article on Slate about bootleg Dylan and Shakespeare's Sonnets.

Today, tnh, Jim Macdonald, mac_stone, and I went for a walk along the ocean during a break in the weather. I picked up some whelk shells and Jim found a periwinkle. We found any number of dead trilobites (horseshoe crabs) cast up by last night's nor'easter. We also found a ton of slipper limpets and jingle shells. The weather was misty and weirdly lit; that rich coastal New England light that makes all the colors seem saturated and almost pulsing with reality.


Now it's warmer and the air smells of tropical storm. Kyle is tracking further east, which may be good news for all of us getting home on time, but does suggest that Teresa may not get her hurricane (and may be bad news for Nova Scotia). The storm is close enough to smell, though, even over the smell of the Sound, but we're in a break between bands of rain.

On the subject of hurricanes, however, there is a category-5 supertyphoon, Jangmi, which is bearing down on Taiwan and Shanghai, with winds sustained at 144 mph and gusting to 190 mph, and a tight, brutal eye.