October 26th, 2008


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dear lazyweb:

So yeah, I've accepted that it would be a good idea for me to buy a digital camera, especially as I can call it a work-related expense: the only photos I take are for this blog, as it happens. I want something inexpensive, small (pocket-sized), with fairly good resolution--but it's just for snapshots, honestly. Any recommendations?
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Because we're troublemakers...

There's a little interim content up at Shadow Unit today.

All he knows about the room is that it's cold, and mostly dark. There's a light over his head, like in old movies when the police interrogate someone. This light isn't as bright, and it's higher up, more like a spotlight. He wishes it were like the movie ones. If it were closer, it would be warm.

It makes a puddle of light on the floor around him. Maybe it would shine on things close to him, but there isn't anything close to him. That's good, right? There's worse things than being alone.

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