October 31st, 2008

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I'm just the beard.

Presumptuous Cat presumes that her blog entry will be far superior to whatever you were about to write.

(Yes, I am the bottom layer in this cake, though between the cat, the laptop, and the afghan, who could tell?)

Actually, she's already contemplating what she'll add to the Shadow Unit content today. And whether Chill Sanction Chill needs more cowbell.

And on that note, the sky grows as silver as the back of my cat, which is my cue to go find my running shoes....

Enjoy the holiday, multiverse.
spies mfu sleeps on planes

still you just have to say that old way was effective, but fairly crude

Got out for a really good run this morning, ran three miles, walked a half mile, ran the last mile--in about an hour and ten, with several stops for photography.

Elizabeth Park at dawn in October is a damned good reason to get up in the morning:

The nation's oldest municipal rose garden under frost at dawn, and Frederick Law Olmstead landscaping behind it.

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And that's why I live here.

You're chasing death already.
Every day is gravy now.

...man, this song is such an earworm.

froud magician

Sometimes, the universe arranges itself pretty tidily.

I had two boxes of books to ship to Mysterious Galaxy today, and I was going to haul them down to the UPS store...

...except for the part where the UPS guy showed up today with a delivery, and took them away! Huzzah!

Also, the mail came early, and it had unexpected money in it. (A check I had forgotten I was oweed.) And the bigger SD card for the camera, so I can take more than eight pictures at the tattoo shop today.

Today is a good day.

Even if my brain is still insisting on listening to this Shriekback song on endless repeat in some kind of effort at self-hypnosis. Maybe sooner or later it will give me a narrative in return.
spies mfu (sorta) going to hurt ivan & h

the ships on her hips made his heart skip a beat

So I promised a photoblog, and here it is, courtesy of the mighty Steven "Inker" Gabriel of Guideline Tattoo in East Hartford Connecticut, whose inkstained forearms you are about to get to know very well indeed.

First, we started with some spiders, and a maple leaf I picked up on my morning run yesterday.


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I'm really pleased.

ETA: Over the course of the two and a half hours it took (We underestimated the time, mostly due to a series of interruptions), Steve and I discovered that he did his first professional tattoo when I was one month old. That's right: October 2008 is the 37th anniversary of his career.

So yeah, I felt like I was in pretty good hands.

Sweet guy, very gentle, very professional, very clean, very very good at his job. I can't recommend these guys enough.
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