November 3rd, 2008

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you got a plot to write every night. did they never tell you that?

Well, all in all, that boils down to a pretty good morning.

I was up at six, writing by six fifteen, and finished 1571 words by 9:30, which is pretty much an unheard of rate of novelating for me these days.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
315 / 400

I'm not sure that this novel is actually going to make it to 400 pages, but we'll see. Usually at this point of the book I'm all "There's no way I'm going to cram all this stuff in," and with this book it's been, "Oh, wow, there's a lot of book left to fill." So we'll see. We'll see.

Anyway, that's my wordcount commitment for the day, so now as a reward for virtue I get to watch True Blood (and see if this episode annoys me as much as the last two, Sam, you loser.) and do whatever I feel like until it's time to go climb at four. The fact that some of this whatever I feel like may be more words is irrelevant!

And in other excellent news, Publishers' Weekly has named Ink and Steel one of its best SFFH books of the year, along with johnjosephadams's The Living Dead,  Paolo Bacigalupi's Pump Six and Other Stories, Greg Bear's City at the End of Time, Tim Lebbon's Fallen, Nisi Shawl's Filter House (which I really need to buy and read, hello, Bear), and Jo Walton's Half a Crown.

Woot, I say, Woot.
bear by san

"Let's get to work."

I've been avoiding blogging politics lately, because I'm as sick of it as anybody else, and if you haven't already made up your mind who to vote for and figured out how to get to the polls, all the continued nagging is going to do is drive people off, at this point.

But this is a heck of a speech.

And I think "Once more choose our better history" is one of those phrases that will ring for a long time.
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when i woke i took the back door to my mind

Rich Horton reviews Shadow Unit Season 1 in this months' Locus:

One more, rather different, online site deserves notice. Shadow Unit markets itself as sort of an online TV series (in words): a mix, perhaps, of CSI and The X-Files. And the stories are indeed very TVish in presentation, with such TV-series-like tics as a very carefully mixed set of protagonists. And they are very good. The writers, in various mixes of solo and collaboration, are Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, and Will Shetterly (with some help from Amanda Downum). The stories concern a special federal unit that investigates crimes traceable to "anomalous" people: people with something like super powers, but also an obsession with, usually, revenge against some symbol. I enjoyed all of Season 1--perhaps the best story is Elizabeth Bear's "Overkill," about a serial killer who stages over-the-top murders of normal happy families--murders that may really, in a perverted way, target the police. I'd recommend reading the whole season in order, however.

So, approximately three novels worth of episodes, plus supporting material, plus ongoing character blogs. And a thriving fan community.

Presented to you free of charge on the public radio guilt model.

And you know, now would be a great time to catch up over hiatus. Because in January we'll be announcing the schedule for Season 2.

Just saying.
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I has improved.

I went over to the gym early today and spent about 45 minutes bouldering and traversing and doing foot-precision exercises, at which I (hello) suck. And then the Jeff and Alisa showed up, and we climbed some, like you do.

I got two moves higher on the black overhung 5.7+ that is my current project wall. I think I could have finished it if I has latched onto the big orange hold, but instead I just slapped it, and then my forearms were shot. Overhangs fucking kill me. The trick, for future reference, is to ignore the big blue sidepull and the lowest foot on the right side of the traverse, and just go up the damned wall and match hands on the ear up there.

If I can get past that bit on Wednesday, I will be high enough up the route that I will be able to get back on it without killing myself, And then I might be able to send the bastard. I'm getting awfully good at the bottom third, anyway.

Then after a rest I sent two brand new routes (so far unrated), one on the slab wall and one on the damned slick wall you can't smear on at all. I'm going to guess they're both 5.7s. The one on the slab is insanely reachy, and involves a hand-foot match with no other holds in sight--you just have to smear up to it and then do it. I was pretty pleased that I got past that. The one on the slick vertical is all slopers and really sketchy feet, and I need to work at using my feet more to keep my center in to the wall. But I still did it, falls and dogging aside.

Then I went back to retry a tough white 5.7 in a dihedral with a little roof, and I blew it at the crux four times. I've done that one before, but it's a strengthy pushy move to get around the edge of the roof, and I just didn't have enough left.

Also, cute climber boys dug my new ink, which was at the totally peely and gross stage. Climber boys love ink. *g*

All in all, a pretty good night, even if I didn't climb as hard as I wanted to.

And now, steamed dumplings and a glass of wine.

ETA: Oh, that yellow wall I finally beat last Wendesday? they rated it a 5.7. Boo. *g*