November 4th, 2008

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participatory history

Got up at 5 am to vote, showered, dressed, and walked the half mile to the polls through a gorgeous, misty November morning that I shared with the garbage trucks:


Some more somewhat blurry shots behind the cut. I was hand-holding in low light conditions.

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The radio is predicting a crushing defeat for CT Representative Christopher Shays, who--they say--is the last Republican member of the House from New England.

Yankees. I tell you what. You goof up, we'll let you know.
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they buried him just down the road. a mile from the farmhouse.

I am trying very hard not to think about CT Question 1 (Shall we call a constitutional convention?) and CA Proposition 8 (a ballot initiative to make illegal some marriages). I have voted and donated. I've done what I can, and now it's up to the polls.

Do not obsess about what you cannot control.

The CT Constitution is currently amended by a combination of legislative action and ballot initiative. It is the oldest written constitution in the US (that's why it says "Constitution State") on our license plates.

A convention would allow it to be amended without ballot initiative or direct legislative action. Which might mean that the newly recognized right of couples of any gender to marry in my home state would be abridged.

Let's not, guys. We're better than that.