November 6th, 2008

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lotusice and Jed have things to say about Prop 8 that between them cover just about everything I have to say about Prop 8.

It's not that the pants don't fit....


Me? Yeah. Just so. Yesterday I did not work on the novel. Instead, truepenny and I finished "Mongoose," and I filed my copy for The day off seems to have done me good ,though, because I solved a plot problem this morning and am churning away pretty respectably.

Words, words, words.

I didn't run this morning. I slept instead. Which was probably a good plan, given how useless I was at the climbing gym last night.

Seriously, meat, where's your invulnerability?
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This deserves a frog.

Amanda Downum, our own stillsostrange, has made a three-book deal with DongWon Song of Orbit, for The Drowning City and its two sister novels.

Run right over and congratulate her.

I could not be more pleased. *Sniff* I raised her from a pup!

(And these are aweeesome books. Forensic necromancy! Blackest murder! Neurotic sorcerers! Pirates! Spies! Curry! Trust me, you can't wait.)
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now me i believe that the garden of eden was burned to make way for a train

Apparently, alas, to write these days, it is imperative that I turn the music off. That makes me sad. I used to be bale to work through all kinds of noise and clutter, and I enjoyed having music playing while I wrote. (I can still writing nonfiction with music or the TV on.)

I wonder if it's because the part of my brain that does music and poetry is engaged in the prose writing now, which would in fact explain why--suddenly-- my poetry brain works again.

Anyway, I got around 1500 words today and got to the end of this scene and maybe the chapter, which means we are nearly through with the exposition and to the Stunning Conclusion. Alas, I will probably not get to get to work on the Stunning Conclusion until Sunday, because tomorrow I get to drive up to Boston, where I will meet friends and have dinner and sign books at pandemonium and then maybe go climbing with buymeaclue at Metro Rock and coffee with asciikitty on Saturday before I drive home.

Which sounds like fun, but does mean two writing days lost. And next week looks like lots of friend obligations, which is also a thing of joy, but means again, interference in my death march.

Ah well, it'll get done when it gets done. And then I can fiddle it a little and send it to Anne, and start work on rewriting The Sea Thy Mistress. And when that is done, or possibly before, there's "Lucky Day" to finish.

It's all good.

Life is coming under control.

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