November 13th, 2008

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So last night I had a dream in which there was a Criminal Minds dvd extra that involved Matthew Gray Gubler and somebody else playing Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" on guitar, and I was trying to figure out the chords by watching his hands, except they kept wandering out of frame.

Um. That was a dream, right?

...Right, brain. Aren't we supposed to be going for a run now?

(At least the cat stayed on her own pillow last night, though I had to resort to Punitive Snuggling to get her there.)
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"I really wish people would stop asking me that."

So if last week's episode was about mothers and sons, this week we segue smoothly to fathers and sons.

Criminal Minds 4x07, "Memoriam," written by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie, directed by Guy Norman Bee

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For anybody who wants them, I capped the articles and Reid's dis title at the CM community:
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blood in the streets of the town of new haven


The city of Hartford from the slopes of Prospect Hill, in Elizabeth Park. 4 miles this morning, of which I ran maybe 2 3/4. It was a nice cool moist morning, and once I slowed down for a breather, I started just enjoying the walk.

The first review of Seven for a Secret is in, from Green Man Review.

And now I have to go file my copy for Tor. 'scuse please.
problem cat

say what you can say

Cat: Monkey, are you sleeping?
Monkey: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Cat: Monkey, are you dead?
Monkey: zzzzz  zzzzzzzz zzz
Cat: Monkey, I will sit on your head.
Monkey: ruh uh?
Cat: Monkey, I will poke you with my cold nose and claw at the covers around your face.
Monkey: Hey! Watchit!
Monkey: *pulls cat under covers and viciously snuggles her*
Cat: ! !!! !!!!!!!
Cat: !
Cat: I shall retire to the far pillow, which is reserved for my exclusive use, and give you back until morning, so you understand how you have sinned.
Monkey: Wiktory!

[22:13] matociquala: the cat is tickling my ankle.
[22:14] katallen: checking if the curarae is taking effect yet
[22:15] matociquala: actually, I believe she's using me as a buttwarmer
[22:16] katallen: o.o
[22:16] matociquala: It's my lot in life.
[22:16] katallen to be loved for your radiant heat
[22:17] matociquala: yup
[22:17] matociquala: it's not even cupboard love.
[22:17] matociquala: It's thermal love.
[22:18] katallen: I'm sure, if you start cooling off, she'll happily chew on you till the ASPCA gets there
[22:18] katallen: (Mebd Grylls!)
[22:19] matociquala: The fat stays fresh longest.