November 14th, 2008

phil ochs troubador

it was against the law, what the mama saw....*

Apparently, Matthew Gray Gubler cannot only enter into the dreams of unsuspecting fans and participate in their daytime hobbies: he can also teach you the chord progression of folk songs through oneiromantic means. Because dude, I can play "Redemption Songs." Okay, I get tangled up in the funky syncopation at the top of the second verse, but it'll come.

And it actually sounds halfway okay, if your standard is bad open mike performances....

(I suspect that dreaming about guitar stuff is a sign that I am finally internalizing some of it. Especially since I did, in fact, have the chords right in my dream.)

And now, back to the Bob Dylan/Paul Simon coal mines.

*am I the only person who totally slashes this song?