November 15th, 2008

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I am so tired. Was supposed to be at an Iron & Wine concert in Northampton right now, but after spending six hours helping ashacat and netcurmudgeon move house, I am pretty much toaster streudel. I think every joint in my body hurts. They may have too much stuff.

Anyway, it's done. And my neck hurts, and my elbow hurts, and I slipped in the rain and hurt my ankle and that hurts too. Oh, meat, so not 21 anymore. Pretty close to forty, really, and that is starting to sink in.

I am never moving off my couch again.
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How hard I worked today:

According to Fitday, I burned as many calories today as standuponit does on a day when he didn't get out of bed.

Maybe if I have the energy to drag myself to the kitchen in a minute, I will eat a brownie.

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