November 30th, 2008

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you won't be happy with me, but give me one more chance. you won't be happy anyway.

Dear Brain:

When I finish a novel, you are supposed to make with the short stories.

Whole short stories, not random bits of ideas that should be cool, if one had a story to go with them.

Seriously, I have a whole stack of little files full of ideas here just raring to go, if only you would give me some sugar.

That is all.

Love, Bear
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(Real courage is posting photos of your middle-aged belly on the internet.)


Some of my abdominal bruising from yesterday's adventure.

Really, not very much damage, for all that trauma. but you can definitely see the outline of the rock.

There's also some lighter bruising on the tops of my breasts, but you don't get to see that.

Now, the cat is killing her glitterballs all over the living room, and I am going to go put my laundry in the washer downstairs and then clean up this pigsty of an apartment.

Oh, and make some tea. And eat something.
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it's like the harper's index. in hell.

The autopope/rolanni/suricattus pro-writer career path meme

Current Status as of this morning:

Chill: cooking away on the back burner and waiting for revisions
One-Eyed Jack And The Suicide King: cooking away on the back burner and waiting for revisions
The Sea thy Mistress: cooking away on the back burner and waiting for revisions

"Smile": stuck
"The Horrid Glory of its Wings": stuck
"Snow Dragons": stuck
Blind Cave Mermaid story: percolating ;-)

Age when I decided I wanted to be a writer: 6 
Age when I wrote my first story: 6
Age when I got my hands on a typewriter: 9ish? It was an old Royal Portable
Age when I first submitted a short story to a magazine: 16?
Thickness of file of rejection slips prior to first story sale: Oh, a few hundred.
Age when I sold my first short story: 25
Age when I killed my first market: 25 (Remember that first sale?)
Approximate number of short stories/novelettes/novellas sold for cash money: 67

Age when I first sold a poem: 11
Poems sold: 4

Age when I wrote my first novel: 9 or 10, longhand in cloth-bound notebooks
Age when I sold a first novel: 32
Novels written between age 6 and age 32: 9
Age when I wrote the first novel I sold: 30
Age when that novel was published: 33
Total number of novels written (discounting juvenilia, counting collaborations, counting fixups): 19
Books sold: 19 (17 novels, one fixup, one collection)
Books published or delivered and in the pipeline (including novellas published as independent books): 18
Number of titles in print: 15
Number of titles fallen out of print: 1

Age when a work was first shortlisted for a Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy or Stoker award: 36
Age when I first won a Hugo award: 36
Age when I became a full-time novelist: 35
Age when I returned to the day-job because of economic implosion: not yet, but you never know. I contemplate health insurance.
Age now: 37

*Consider this an LJ-meme: if you write professionally, feel free to post your own equivalent of this list. (Obviously you'll need to customize it to track your career path -- but you get the idea.)*

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the ice is thin come on dive in

So today is turning out to be a day devoted to cleaning up my apartment, which desperately needs it. How do one girl and one cat generate so much filth?

It's raw outside and chilly in here, so it's also a day for listening to winter music, and maybe later for reading a book. Gosh, where DO these PILES of STUFF come from?
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