December 20th, 2008

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killers, thieves, and lawyers


I have cleaned up everything that needed doing except one scene that I avoided writing on every other draft because it's sticky and I have no idea what happens in it. Which I am not writing tonight. I will think about that tomorrow.

Anyway, I think I did everything that could have been expected of me today, and rather than die with my hammer in my hand, I think rather I shall go fall over and have a nice long winter's nap. Where's my kerchief?
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i am wiser now i know and still as big a fool concerning you

'Tis the season, etc...

You ever notice that publishing industry professionals are always wandering around with their hats out, asking for handouts for their friends? Yeah. See blog subtitle for details.

One of the best copyeditors I've ever worked with, baron_elric, and his partner editrx, are in somewhat dire straits due to the arrival of Real Winter in the northeast. Specifically, they lost power to their New Hampshire home, and due to the necessity of using it to run a generator, their propane for heating is going to run out before the end of winter. As you may have noticed, folks in the book publishing industry tend to live on a pretty tight budget.

If you are looking for a place to donate a tiny little bit of anonymous holiday cheer, those pennies in the paypal tip jar add up. Just saying.
always winter

other rooms are near to me. i'm not afraid.

Ambition = 0

Okay, what I really need to do right now is eat some toast and peanut butter or some cereal, then put on warm clothes and my boots and go shovel. And then come in and shower and get ready to go to a holiday party. (I have decided to stay in-state today, considering the snow. I hope those of you north of of here who have invited me to other events today will understand.)

What I am currently doing? Sitting on the chair under the cat.

Come on, Bear, up and at 'em.

*gets out and pushes*
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