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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie realism _ truepenny

now we hardly rhyme at all – but here’s a few, and if they hurt there's bullets left to bite on

Well, I didn't get to the post office before they closed, alas, so the overseas packages will go out Monday. Ooops. Nor did I so much as touch that CEM.

Also, only got half the crit done, because I went climbing with the gang, and afterwards it turned into a two-hour trip to a perfectly adequate all-you-can-eat sushi joint in North Haven. Six climbers can eat a lot of sushi.

Especially when one of them is an ex-Marine.

Had kind of an epic climbing day, for my current reduced circumstances. It's my first week of pushing myself to get back on the rock (or plastic) at least three times a week. This was day #3, and I can already see the difference. I'm still climbing down from where I was before I hurt myself last year, but I got up one massively physical overhung 5.9 that I'd never finished before (gave myself a bout of post-exercise asthma doing it) and also a very tricky 5.8. If I can drop forty pounds, I may be doing 5.10s by year's end again.

Ten routes in all. Some just running laps on easy stuff, but it all helps.

And the climbing helped so much with the OMG I Will Never Finish This Stuff anxiety. Feeling a little more in control now.

So tomorrow I need to finish that crit, and then Monday I can see about the post office and some CEM.


yay! isnt it great when you can get over that anxiety hump?

and heck, *I* can eat a lot of sushi all by myself
Maybe we can find a gym near Tempe, you and me and Sarah. *g*
Hell yeah. *g* I'm going to need some climb therapy by Sunday.
If you ignore the constant pain, it's really very good for you.
Hooray for climbing!
It's amazing how exercise clears the head.