January 3rd, 2009

holmes confidence

i'm on the road. i won't be back again.

It's been a busy week on the social schedule, lemme tell you. I've been less diligent about the gym that I would like, but I did a circuit workout yesterday that has left me still a bit wrung out today. I'm trying to decide if I want to go for a run later when it warms up a little, or go to the gym.

Really, I ought to do laundry today, which means I ought to change out of my pajamas soon. Saturday morning, I tell you. I slept eight and a half hours and I could still use a nap. I suspect this is part of being extremely peopled out, though really I had more fun yesterday and Wednesday night than I have in a long time.

This cat, by the way, purrs punitively. She's currently sitting beside me, purring as loudly as she can, and I know it's an attempt to gaslight me.

In actual work-related news, I shall be participating in a chat on Writerspace on Thursday, and there are now audio options available for those of you who would like to have Dust read to you. There's a library edition CD from Recorded Books, here (kind of pricy, but they do nice work) and you can download the same version as a sound file from Audible, here.

And, of course, the MMPB of Whiskey and Water will be available on Twelfth Night. Which I will remind you about then. And, of course, I will be appearing at Vericon on Boston on January 23, 24, and 25. If you're in the neighborhood, come see me!

I think I'm still kind of in post-novel ennui, though coffeeem and I are plugging along on "Lucky Day." Which is good, since we have to have a finished version on March 1, don't we? Ahem.

Anyway, I have three short stories piled up here waiting for me to figure out how they go--the snow dragons, the harpy story, and the cave mermaid story are all open on my desktop.
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criminal minds boom

when, oh when, will the keys to the kingdom be mine again?

Boy, my plan for the day could not be more exciting. I'm going to start the laundry, eat some breakfast, finish the laundry, walk downtown, go to the bank and Penzey's spices, eat sushi for lunch, and then walk home and try to work this afternoon.

Wall to wall thrills in the life of this writer....
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rengeek kit icarus

here's to old coal and to young coal

There. That was remarkably like productivity.

I have written eight pages of "Lucky Day" and two pages of "Snow Dragons," and I have in fact finished the draft of "Snow Dragons," which I think came out very well.

First short story of 2009! That makes me happy.

For those of you playing along at home, "Snow Dragons" takes place in the same world that "Your Collar" and "Orm the Beautiful" do, and probably also the unfinished harpy story, and the unfinished blind cave mermaid story.

It's also part of a sort of ongoing dragon story dialogue cycle with truepenny's "Draco Campestris" and "After the Dragon" (that latter is so far unpublished) and "Orm the Beautiful."
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