January 13th, 2009

phil ochs troubador

and i can feel it in my bones, i'm gonna spend my whole life alone

Five things make a post, but I only have three...

1) So okay, yeah, it's true. casacorona has made an offer on two sequels to A Companion to Wolves (tentatively entitled An Apprentice to Elves and A Reckoning of Men) (not necessarily in that order), and through the good offices of arcaedia, truepenny and I have accepted. Now, um, we just have to write the dratted things. (Don't hold yer breath.)

2) via everybody, "You Have To Get Out Of Here. YOUR VAGINA IS HAUNTED." Chris's Invincible Superblog sporks the latest issue of Tarot: The Worst Comic Evar. NSFW. In case you were, you know, in doubt somehow.

3) meet Ace, the Wonder Ridiculous Dog. (Yes, that is his name. No, I did not name him: he came with it.)

(Other photos here.)

The thing in his mouth is a Linus blanket synthetic shearling llama. Because I already knew you were going to ask.

He met the Presumptuous Cat today, and was properly obsequious. Also really really good on a very long and trying car ride.