January 20th, 2009

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First, a really good work day. 2,132 words on "Lucky Day," and it's pretty much written except the climactic space battle. And we more or less know how that goes.

I've sent it back to coffeeem to see what she wants to do with it (I'd rather read her version than mine any day), which means I have fulfilled my current obligations.

I'm currently listening to the news and being sleepy. Coffee might be in order, and eventually I shall attempt to make it to the gym for Healthful Exercise. But really, right now, all bets are off. I'm tired.

On the other hand, it's 4:30, and the sky is still blue.

Just a reminder to Boston-area folk: I will be at Vericon Friday and Saturday, along with Kim Stanley Robinson , catvalente, and others!
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my name is ellen james. i am not an ellen jamesian.

Please read this linked post before proceeding. This post has been closed to new comments.

Five things make a post:

1) Yes, it's ancient internet history, but it's new to me. This is brilliant. Single-sentence synopses of popular comics.

2) xkcd broke my heart this morning:

Whoa. beautiful.

3) Vancouver with her glad rags on. Whoa. Also beautiful. Somewhere in there, I guess there must be an ocean, but who could tell?

4) Sales of Blood and Iron are up like whoa, the last few days. I guess what they say about publicity is true. And I welcome all the new readers whom the brouhaha appears to have brought to my blog.

5) Speaking of which, this is my absolute last word on the goddamned circular firing squad of a cultural appropriation argument that has been monopolizing far too much of my life for the past ten days:


I was raised in New England. I grew up in a house with a sadistic borderline personality. My chosen literary genre is the comedy of ethics. Do not confuse my politeness, my willingness to listen to criticism, or my acceptance of the need to sometimes take one for the team with moral cowardice, a susceptibility to bullying, or any plans to throw any of my friends under the bus whether I disagree with them or not.

Yes, I pretty much expect to see my name blackened all over the internet for saying so. I don't care, and you could do me a favor and not care either. And if you have to care, do it someplace other than my journal, kthanx.

The dogs bark. The caravan moves on.  

On this last point, I will not be taking questions. And I might just start will continue banning people any minute now as need arises. Seriously, folks. This is a zero-tolerance policy currently.

Go. Go elsewhere. It's a big Internet. Go excoriate me there.