January 27th, 2009

spies avengers steed and peel needed

the lark sings first and the thrush sings best

Five things make a post today as well:

1) I'm not going down the rabbit hole today, because Chaz is doing it for me.

2) Wondermark, In Which A Genre Is Derided.

3) You don't know you need to hear this song, but you do:

4) Nalo Hopkinson is also down the rabbit hole, unsettlingly so.

5) In fact, sartorias has a whole rabbit hole roundup!
hustle ash hell yes

the seemingly innocuous plecostomus though posthumous

1460 words of the unsalable mermaid story today. Unsalable, because it's insisting on being in second-person present tense. However, unsalable though it be, it's awful purty.

She's plain, with bland colorless hair to go with the transparent skin, but even stuffy and hoarse, her voice lifts the fine hairs on your nape like a breath.

Now if only this would give me a title.
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