January 31st, 2009

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Apparently, I am now following a music act around the country, though it's mostly unintentional. Which is to say, last night I drove up to Boston to see Andrew Bird at the Orpheum (with my Mom), and it seems that I'll also be Austin in time to see him there, and I'm really not sad about that at all.

The live arrangements of the new album are pretty seriously rock and roll, compared to the studio versions, and one of the things I've learned about the inimitable Mr. Bird is that you really can't capture the live experience in a recording. Especially since I keep being lucky enough to see him in gorgeous worn old 19th century music halls with even more gorgeous acoustics. (During the show at the Music Hall of Portsmouth last year, he stopped proceedings briefly to exclaim, "Is this a great sounding space or what?!") Because basically what he does is create these highly textured, layered, multidimensional tapestries of sound that move around the space in waves and blankets, and kind of lift you out of yourself the way the best live performances can.

And, you know, he's way too clever with language and totally nonlinear and also plays awfully good fiddle. So, that would be a win for me on all fronts.

Good stuff, in other words.

Here's a totally inadequate sample from the current tour, but not from last night's show:

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